Hello, humans. This is post is named continuation because it’s not part 2. I will only do part 2 of a Q&A when I reach 2.5K followers in Twitter which is not that far away. I am kind of enjoying answering your questions so, please continue to send them.

Anonymous 8 asked: Why don’t you allow people to post comments of religious elements?

Because according to WordPress, most of my readers comes from Twitter and according to Twitter Analytics, 24% of my organic audience is of 13 to 17 years olds:

Screen Shot 2017-08-31 at 10.18.41 PM

Therefore, I don’t want any parents to come knocking at my door, accusing me of brainwashing their children to change their religion or something. Plus, I don’t want to start a holy war in my comments section.

Anonymous 9 asked: How long does it takes for you to write a blog post?

It depends. Sometimes it takes me 2 hours and sometimes even up to 8 hours. Basically it depends on my satisfaction on my work. If I’m happy with it, it will only take me around 2-3 hours but if I’m not pleased with it, I will delete it all and start over which will take me around 6-8 hours in total. I don’t check my work until I had finished writing so that’s why if I delete everything, it will take way longer for me to begin rewriting it.

Anonymous 10 asked: I believed that in your third post, you said that you watched the whole of the UK 2017 election night. Is there any other election nights that you watched fully since there was a lot of elections going on since last year. 

I did follow the election results for a lot of elections. The most depressing and stressful would be watching the 2016 US Elections results coming in. I didn’t watch the news coverage but, I did watch the numbers come in on the CNN website. However, I only watched it for about 3/4 hours because my favourite candidate failed to take the lead at all during that time so, I stopped waiting and concluded that the clown would win. Then, I also observed the 2017 French Presidential Elections (Both rounds) but I didn’t stayed up to watch the whole results come in.

I just waited for the projected results to come in since it had always been accurate. Because of the time difference between Malaysia and France, I couldn’t watch the whole ‘election night news coverage’ because I was asleep at that time. However, I did watch the whole results of the 2017 French Legislative Election (Both rounds) cause I was on my semester break.

Anonymous 11 asked: What’s your favourite food?

I like everything that is permissible for me to eat except for fish because I just don’t like them.

Anonymous 12 said: Choose a line. (Then Anonymous 12 sent me these images):


I would choose the wavy line because I think the straight line is rather boring. Someone taught me that lines are actually part of art and I believe that art is a way of expressing your emotions. Using wavy lines to express an emotion makes someone seems more ‘lively’ and not boring.

Anonymous 13 asked: How old are you?

Short answer would be 19 years old and long answer would be 18 years 8 months 18 days (as of the date this post is published)

Anonymous 14 asked: Do you have a pessimistic or optimistic view of the planet’s future?

As I said many times, I am a pessimist so, I have a very pessimistic view of the planet’s future. For example, I believe that climate change would be very drastic, especially when there’s a clown who said it’s not real and refused to take any action.

I believed that there is also a probability of World War 3 breaking out soon since there are tensions building up between countries everywhere. If WW3 did start, there is a huge possibility that nuclear weapons will be used which would be catastrophic.

Anonymous 15 asked: Do you believe Pineapples should be placed on Pizzas?

Yes. I had always eaten pizza with Pineapple in it and it’s delicious.

Anonymous 16 asked: What annoys you the most?

When someone comes to me and ask “Why don’t you like to talk?”. What’s the problem if I talk or not? Most argument happens when two parties didn’t know how to shut up and becomes over sensitive over small issues.

Anonymous 17 asked: What do you enjoy most?


Anonymous 18 asked: Since you kind of like politics, what do you think would happen if 3rd party in the United States have the same resources and size as the two major political  during the Presidential Election?

I think they (3rd party) would win more states. The results would differently be severely disrupted because votes would be split between the two major parties. In fact, I spent 2 hours colouring the counties to demonstrate the results (in 2016 that I believed it would be in this case):

Screen Shot 2017-08-31 at 11.35.56 PM.png

The blue would represent Democrats, the red represents Republicans and the kind of orange colour represents the 3rd party candidate.

And finally, I answered all the questions. This means that I will resume answering one question after the end of future posts as usual.




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