Stupid Two Sentence Stories


Hello, humans. So, I am very tired since I drove for about 300 kilometres to get back home and I ate a little too much dinner so, I just can’t think much. Besides, tomorrow’s post will be the first ever Q&A which will be very very long so, you might want to be prepared. Now, there’s something I had been wanting to do for a long time which is two sentence horror stories and today seems to be the perfect day to do so. However, I couldn’t bother. Therefore, you have the stupidest 2 sentence story instead:

1. I opened the door expecting to see my family. It wasn’t them at the door but the murderer who lived next door.

2. I woke up at 4.00 a.m. every day. It may be early but for me, it’s the perfect time to hide the body.

3. My car skidded off the cliff. As I was dying, there was only darkness and not even a single light was seen.

4. I opened my eyes. The simulation ended.

5. Alice was walking home one night. Someone saw her entering her grave.

6. The more you think of it, it stronger it gets. However, once you stop thinking about it, it will come out and kill you.

7. You waited for 4 years. He won again.

8. The door opened by itself. The grim reaper walked in and the old man was declared dead the next morning.

9. Julia was talking to her mom when they heard a knock outside. That night, they had food for the first time since two days.

10. You walk up the stairs. That was when you realised, there were no stairs.

11. Alice tried to run away from the man. He was faster but she could fly.

12. Linda felt someone touching her feet. She was in an empty room but she is a ghost.

13. John tried to get his roommate to stop crying at night. It had been 10 years since his roommate died.

14. I was walking to the restaurant. There was no restaurant and I died two years ago.

15. I woke up at 3:00 a.m. I tried to walk but I was still a baby.

16. There was no electricity. The TV turned on anyway.

Ok, this is getting really stupid. So, goodbye. You have 2 hours left after this post is published to submit your questions for tomorrow’s QnA.



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