Shortest Horror Story

Hello again. No intro for this one because it is going to be really short. So here’s the story: 
Alice was walking down the hallway. She could hear whispers telling her not to continue her journey to the unknown. She knew it was all in her head. Suddenly she could hear a giggle. It sounded like that of a kid. Shaking, she turned around to see her daughter. She sighed as a sign of relief but it wasn’t over. She wasn’t holding her daughter’s hand because she had not realised that her daughter had been dead for a year now. As she entered the forbidden room, finally, she realised that the voices were actually warning her to not go in. There was nothing she could do but scream as the door shut behind her. Not even a piece of her bone was found a week later. 

The End. So, that’s how you publish 2 post in a day! Bye! 


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