How To Be Stupid (Bonus Steps)


Hello, Humans. Calculating the time for proofreading and adding some pictures, I guess today we shall see if I can type an article in 40 minutes which you will know the results if there is a blog post today. Basically, I will stop putting in Trigger warnings so, if you know you are gonna get triggered by the title of the post, don’t read it.

However, since some might be a little slow in processing that this post is just a JOKE, I would like to announce it now that THIS IS JUST A JOKE. DON’T DO IT UNLESS YOU ARE AN IDIOT.

1. When driving on the highway, start tailgating the car in front of you.

Turn on your headlights and follow the car in front of you as closely as possible which actually hitting it. You will get some bonus ‘idiot points’ (which is a point system that evaluates your level of stupidity) if it’s done at night when the road is fairly busy.

Your goal is to force your car in front of you to move to the other side of the road or to brake immediately causing your vehicle to collide with theirs. If the car moves to the other side of the road, (preferably the fast lane), then, you know you had succeeded. Don’t bother about getting into an accident. Once you do, partially repeat step one of the previous post.

2. At the restaurant, make as much noise as you can.

To achieve this, it is advisable for you to bring along your below 3 years old mischievous kids. If you have a baby, it would be better. Give your kids their eating utensils and ask them to bang it on the table as loud as they can saying that it’s just part of an orchestral performance. Again, to get bonus ‘idiot points’ bang your spoons, forks and knives on the table too.

In fact, there’s no reason why you should stop at the table. You can bang on the walls, the floors or even your own head. After the waiter or waitress served you your food, just throw it around the table to make your table prettier.

Then, as the climax, throw you plates anywhere you want. I can guarantee you that at the end, you won’t only be awarded the stupidest family ever award but also you will enter prison which you will have food, water and shelter for free.

3. Spam someone’s Social Media’s and after they blocked you, make a new account and start begging to be unblocked. Then, do it again.

It is always better if you send them a private message which contains some random letters or numbers. However, don’t forget to start by saying hello. If they don’t reply within a minute, start sending hello again and again until they finally replied you. Then start your gibberish typing and tap the send ‘button’ after approximately 2 minutes of typing.

At this rate, the person you are spamming will already block you but don’t worry. You can make a new account in minutes. Don’t have an email? There’s a simple solution for that, just google 10 minutes mail and click on any link you want. Remember you must be quick because the email address only lasts for a few minutes.

Once you had established a new account, start private messaging the same person again and this time beg them to unblock you stating that you had learn from your previous mistake and won’t repeat it. It works best if you include some crying emojis. As soon as they unblocked you, start spamming them again.

I think that will be all that you need to know. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask them in the comment section. Enjoy being stupid!

Note: You can still submit your questions for the Q&A via the comment section or by sending me a DM on Twitter. After the next post is published you will have only 4 hours to submit your questions. “Late entries’ will be charged an amount of 100 dollars. Now that I am sure this post will be published on time, I can say:


Shh don’t bother the watermark


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