A Depressing Story (Part 6)


Hello, Humans. Despite this being the sixth part, it is not over yet. Half of me wants to just end it but another half of me thinks that there will be about 40 parts to this short story. I seriously don’t know when it will end because I just type in as the idea came to me. If you belong to the group of people who want this short story to end already, well, I have a bad news for you. Since someone already asked a question (for the Q&A) about the short story, there will at least be 5 more parts.

Before I start this post, I would like to thank everyone who asked me questions in the comment section or via DM on twitter. However, I must add that if your question has a religious element in it, I’m sorry but it won’t be answered. Secondly, I would like to announce that you can continue to submit your questions until I say so in future posts. I do prefer that your questions are in English but, I also accept questions in Malay and French but, I will still answer you in English. Ok, that’s all for the announcement. As usual, I will start the story with the last paragraph of the previous post in quotes.

“Two,” I started to get ready to run. He didn’t count to one because all barricade fell apart and police started storming the room. However, I could see that he was still ready to shoot. The moment he pulled the trigger, I jumped and got into the way between the nurse and the shooter who was a few feet apart. I fell to the ground as the bullet penetrated my chest. A second shot was fired and the nurse fell to the ground, breathless.

I woke up in an actual hospital and I was surrounded by darkness. Next to me, I could see someone else who was still asleep. I tried to see if the person was the nurse from my psychiatric ward but I couldn’t see anything more in the blackness. Even after squinting my eyes hard, I still couldn’t see anything so I gave up. Although I was no longer handcuffed, I still couldn’t get up because my abdomen was hurting. “I guess there’s where the lunatic shot you,” my brain voice said.

“Stop stating the obvious,” my inner voice replied. With all my might, I tried to stand up and finally after what felt like getting stabbed by 100 knives, lastly, I managed to do so. I was completely relieved to see that the nurse was not dead. Not yet anyway. Suddenly, someone bursts into the door and told me that I should only lie down on my bed. Before that person left, I asked, “Is the person next to me alive?”. She looked at me like I was crazy but she still answered, “Yes. Just asleep,”.

The next morning, I woke up at around afternoon because the doctor wanted to carry out some tests on me. My bed was wheeled to the next room and before I go, I see that my nurse was now awake and staring at the wall. After an hour or so, I was taken back to my room and was told that I can now sit up on my bed which I did immediately. My nurse immediately did the same and after the nurse left, I asked her, “What’s your name?”. “Alice,” she replied and asked me, “You were really telling the truth right?” to which I just nod my head.

The next two hours, we were talking about how I believed I got into the psychiatric ward. Evidently, Alice told me that she was new to the job and was told that I was someone who easily forgets everything because I was ‘schizophrenic’ which she said didn’t make any sense, at least to her. Then, I explain to her why it makes perfect sense according to me based on my knowledge. Our conversation was cut short because the police wanted to interview the both of us.

At that point, I already knew that I was in another state so, I probably wouldn’t see the psychotic police officer named John. The police asked me some questions about if I could recognise the suspects and all that stupid questions they always make you answer. I tried to ask them what happens next but none of them answered my question. An hour after getting back to my hospital ward, Alice was taken back and she was smiling.

Practically, she said to me that she told them about how she thinks that I am not crazy and that they promised her that they would look into my case. Deep inside, I think that I might actually be set free as soon as I got out from the hospital but I don’t want to speculate much at this point in order not to get too disappointed if I was taken back to another psychiatric ward.

Alice told me that they were planning to move all the patients into a new building so, she said I don’t have to worry much. Since she told the police that she wants to keep her job and that she was not traumatised at all, she will probably be transferred to the same place like the all surviving patients. That night, I actually felt relieved to know that I wasn’t going to be transferred to a worse psychiatric ward and it was for certain because some of Alice’s co-workers came to visit her and they verified her theory.

The next day, the doctor came to visit me and he said that due to certain circumstances, I was required to carry out a psychiatric evaluation in an hour. I calmly agreed and after two hours, I was sure that I passed the evaluation perfectly because deep inside, I knew that I was not crazy and that there was a certain action to prevent justice.

In the evening, I got an unexpected visitor. It was a police officer who told me and Alice that since the suspects were still on the loose, we will be kept in protective police custody 24/7. After that, I was not able to relax at all because none of the gunmen was still alive but because the policeman looks exactly like John. As I was about to fall asleep after hours of tossing and turning, I could hear screams and shooting coming from downstairs.

To be continued…


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