A Depressing Story (Part 5)


Hello, Humans. Some of you might be asking why Part 4 was relatively short. Well, it’s because I fell asleep while typing it and woke up about 5 minutes after that. So, I just decided to finish it off and went to bed. Also, I have a little announcement before this which is I’m planning to do a Q&A for my blog which will be done soon. So, if you want to ask any questions (it can be anything even if it is not related to the blog), you can leave your questions in the comments section below or you can send me a DM on my twitter which is open to everyone.

If you don’t want me to show your name or you don’t want people to know that you asked the question, then, your only option would be sending me a DM (please don’t spam me). Since, I do answer your questions in my blog post, this Q&A thing would be more like a grand questioning and answering stuff. I will answer as many question as I could manage but If I couldn’t it will gradually be answered. Ok. That’s all for the announcement. I will start the short story with the last paragraph of the previous part in quotes.


My heart started to beat rapidly because I just don’t understand what’s happening. I looked for the light switch and in the mirror, I could see that I’m completely pale. The clock showed 10:00 p.m. That was when I concluded that everything was just a dream and that I wanted to take my car keys from my room to buy my food but I fell asleep instead. Fearing that my dream would come true, I turned on my laptop and ordered food online. Twenty minutes later, the delivery man arrived. I opened the door and the first thing I realised was his badge and it read, “JOHN”

John held out his hand, smiling, as he waited for me to take my food. I was frozen at the door, couldn’t even move a muscle. “Sir? Are you ok?” John started asking why waving his right hand in front of my eyes. “Yeah. Sorry,” I said as I took my food and said goodbye. Luckily I had paid for my food via my debit card, hence, I didn’t have to have a communication with the psychotic police man who is disguising as a delivery man any longer. Saying thank you, I hurriedly closed the door as he walked away.

I walked to the sofa but unfortunately for me, in the dark, I couldn’t see anything and that was when I tripped and fell. That was when I finally woke up from my horrible and strange dreams. “Relax, relax,” the nurse said to me as I was literally hyperventilating on the bed. After a few seconds, I was able to recompose myself. It wasn’t my first time experiencing multiple false awakenings.

Remembering about my sanity points, I quietly pretended to go back to sleep. In front of me, I could see my lawyer staring at the windows like the other patients. Facing the window, I could see beautiful stars which would explain why a majority of them stared at it all night long. I was counting them in the effort of trying to fall asleep when I heard a loud crash which came not far from where I was from.

The nurse ran outside to see what’s wrong and a few seconds later, she screamed and cried as the re-entered the room. Instantly, she closed the door and told everyone to remain calm even though she was having trouble doing it herself. She then proceeded to uncuffed me and asked me if I could help her build a barrier to block any kind of entrance into the room. Pointing to my lawyer, I said, “He can help us,” to which he immediately sat up and demanded to be uncuffed.

We stacked the empty beds on top of each other as fast as we could. Although I had not been exercising for a long time, I still find it easy to do. Then, someone finally asked, “What’s happening?”. The nurse remained quiet for a long time before saying, “There’s a group gunmen at the hallway,”. “How many?” the same person asked. “About ten,” she answered. I decided there and then that she is very brave due to the fact that if I saw 10 armed people, I would have freaked out and ran away.

She uncuffed everyone else and we stacked the remaining beds together. Outside, we could now hear people shooting and screaming. I dropped a few tears as I imagined people getting shot. Since nobody had a phone, there was nothing that we could do but wait and hope for the best. Suddenly, they tried to open our door but failed to do so. I could hear them shooting knob and it fell to the ground.

They were able to open the door a little, but, that was it. They couldn’t pushed it further because as light as the beds were, a lot of them made an efficient barricade. Nonetheless, I could feel that the stacks of bed weren’t enough and that they will break through any time soon. Since there was nothing that we could do, everyone started to panic including the brave nurse. She was now crying, probably wondering why it had to been to her.

Then I realised that if she had taken the morning to evening shift instead, she wouldn’t have to deal with any of this. Fortunately, we could hear the police outside screaming to stop shooting or they would shoot back. Unfortunately, nobody realised that there is another gunman inside. “Everyone! Get to the ground!” he shouted as someone I identified as the patient closest to the door pull out a revolver from underneath his clothes.

I was too shocked to think why nobody realised he had a freaking revolver with him. Everyone that immediately go to the ground, me included who was standing nearest to him. I decided that as the most ‘reasonable’ people there that I would need to act fast like the nurse. She could had ran away to safety but she decided to be with us instead.

The gunman pointed the gun towards her and told her to stand up to which she did. Nobody did anything in fear of losing their life. “Any last words?” he asked. To which she said, “Leave them alone. Let them go,”. “We’ll see about that. At the same time, the police were trying to break into the room. “Five,” I started to scan his body to find his weakness. “Four,” I found that he was unprotected. “Three,” he didn’t see me so, I started to rise a little.

“Two,” I started to get ready to run. He didn’t counted to one because all barricade fell apart and police started storming the room. However, I could see that he was still ready to shoot. The moment he pulled the trigger, I jumped and got into the way between the nurse and the shooter who was a few feet apart. I fell to the ground as the bullet penetrated my chest. A second shot was fired and the nurse fell to the ground, breathless.

To be continued….


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