A Depressing Story (Part 4)


Hello, Humans. So, it turned out this short story turned out not to be short at all and if you read part 3, I still don’t have any idea where the story is going because I just type in this story as the idea ‘came into’ my mind. However, I can say that this part is not the end  so, you will need to be ready for more parts of this never-ending story. Before I start, if you are new, please follow me on Twitter to get notified whenever I post something new.

In quote is the last paragraph of Part 3:

Suddenly, I was woken up by a voice of someone screaming, “Let me go!” and the voice sounded familiar. I opened my eyes and was shocked by what I saw. My lawyer who was lying dead on the floor was in the bed in front of mine. He saw me sitting on my bed and started pointing, “He knows! He knows!” Thinking about my hard earned 10 sanity points, I lied down and went back to sleep.

When I opened my eyes, I was at some river and I was suddenly a small kid. I was shocked so, I thought it was only a dream but I tried to wake up but I couldn’t. Even after pinching myself, I still didn’t wake up. In fact, I even tried to move something with my imagination but I failed to do so. Feeling strange, I decided to just walk into the forest where I hoped to find my home although I don’t really know where and what was going on.

As I was walking, I saw an old lady walking towards me. She looked as if she was worried so, I walked towards her because I was getting worried too as a result of suddenly being all young and lost in the middle of God knows where. “Where had you been all day?” she asks. “Who are you?” I replied and she looks at me like it was all normal. “Your mother had been searching for you,” she said and demanded that I come with her.

Albeit being told every time to not follow a stranger, the old lady looks harmless but I don’t have anywhere to go, so, I just followed her. After all, I could just hit her with a stone or something if she tries to kill me. Getting further and further into the forest, I started to think that the old lady was some kind of a witch due to not reaching anywhere after what felt like hours of walking. “I’m tired,” I said to her but she didn’t do anything. “Well, you shouldn’t have wandered off to nowhere,” was the reply.

After what felt like an hour, I saw two large houses next to each other and there was a dirt road connecting both of them. I assumed the dirt road will lead to the highway or something but I didn’t really know much to speculate more. She entered the house on the left so, I just followed her. Inside I saw someone who I presumed is my mother and she asked where I was. Before I could say anything, the old lady said to her, “He forgot everything again,” like it was something she had been saying for many times.

The woman who is allegedly my mom told me to sit next to her. Then, she started to explain to me that almost once a month, I would disappear into in the woods and that, when my ‘grandma’ finds me, I wouldn’t remember anything. Part of me thinks that the woman’s words were complete baloney. Because I still have memories of me being ‘big’ and being in the psychiatric ward.

I said I don’t believe her and that she’s not my mother. She immediately got crazy and started to slap me. Feeling hurt, I ran outside and that was when she started to chase me with what seemed to be a cane. “Come back here idiot!” she shouted. I wanted to go back to the forest but I decided against it as I had presumed that the dirt road would bring me to civilisation.

I continued to run and the woman, despite being her age. After a few minutes of running, I didn’t get near to any civilization but, I did get to the end of a cliff. Seeing her coming closer and still believing that it’s a nightmare, I jumped off the cliff. I woke up some time at night feeling very tired. Since I couldn’t see anything, I prematurely concluded that I was still in the psychiatric ward. Forgetting about being handcuffed to my bed, I woke up and that was when I realised that I’m back home.

My heart started to beat rapidly because I just don’t understand what’s happening. I looked for the light switch and in the mirror, I could see that I’m completely pale. The clock showed 10:00 p.m. That was when I concluded that everything was just a dream and that I wanted to take my car keys from my room to buy my food but I fell asleep instead. Fearing that my dream would come true, I turned on my laptop and ordered food online. Twenty minutes later, the delivery man arrived. I opened the door and the first thing I realised was his badge and it read, “JOHN”

To be continued….


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