A Depressing Story (Part 3)


Hello, humans. So, this would be the third part of the “A Depressing Story” short story series. As I am writing this, I cannot say if this would be the last part of this series because I just don’t know. I guess you can know if you see ‘To be continued’ at the end. Before I start I would say, if you are new and want to get notified, please follow me on Twitter. Ok, here’s the story (I will quote the last paragraph of Part 2 as a small reminder):

Again, without being told what to do, I made my way to the library which despite what she told me was empty. The only librarian there was an old lady who smiled when I walked in. Going to the novels section, I decided to clear my mind and act as normal as I could although I didn’t know what’s normal and what’s isn’t. That was when someone walked into the library wearing suit and tie. That someone was John.

I immediately ran to him in anger but as soon as got near him, the psycho lunatic disappeared. The librarian looked at me in a weird manner but after I gave her a death stare, she resumed her work which was watching cat videos on YouTube. Then, I remembered about my cat that died when I was 8 years old due to being run over by my neighbour’s car. However, I wasn’t sad because I hated that stupid cat which was given to me by someone that I don’t know.

Believing that my ‘sanity’ points had been deducted as a result of running to the entrance for no reason, I returned to my seat and continued to read my book. A few hours later, the librarian told me that the library will be closing in 5 minutes and that I would need to leave. Being ‘sane’, I decided to help her rearrange the chairs although there are only 3 chairs in need to be rearranged. After that, I asked her if I could borrow the book which she said yes and filled up some form for me and pasted a sticker saying borrowed on the front cover of the novel.

I made it to my room while literally reading the book since I know it was something I am able to do. As soon as I got to my bed, I took out the pen which I had stolen and a piece of paper which was also stolen. Scanning the room earlier, I had been able to conclude that there is no CCTV camera in it. Since the book is big, I held it in an upright manner and started to mentally divide the piece of paper and started to write my so called escape plan.

The escape plan consisted of stuff I need to do to increase my ‘Sanity Points’ so that I would be released in a few months and get to know what actually happened with my lawyer and the bloody police officer. I knew that thinking about it won’t make things better because I almost fainted in the bathroom that morning. After dinner, I was told that I have only 3 hours of free time left before I will need to go to sleep or at least be in bed.

Taking my second shower that day, some part of him started to love my new life because he remembered that when I was outside, I had to work 8 hours a day to afford to pay for my rent, foods and bills where else now, I am doing everything for free including having total personal freedom. However, I still think that life outside a building, regardless of it being a prison or not, is better.

Feeling slightly sad and depressed, I decided to read my novel before the nurse came in and handcuffed my hand to the bed. Then, I was kindly told to put aside my book and go to sleep. I obeyed everything like I planned it to be before. In my mind, I added up the ‘Sanity Points’ that I think I earned today and it added up to 10 (1 point for every good thing I do). Presuming that I will get more points by pretending to sleep, I closed my eyes and started to plan something new for the next day.

Suddenly, I was woken up by a voice of someone screaming, “Let me go!” and the voice sounded familiar. I opened my eyes and was shocked by what I saw. My lawyer who was lying dead on the floor was in the bed in front of mine. He saw me sitting on my bed and started pointing, “He knows! He knows!” Thinking about my hard earned 10 sanity points, I lied down and went back to sleep.

To be continued…..


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