A Depressing Story (Part 2)


Hello, humans. I decided that I will try to finish up most of my series which I had created. If you are new or you don’t remember, I currently have a few ‘series’ in my blog which is:

  1. The Hollow Earth Theory (Ending Soon)
  2. Stuff That Annoys Me (Won’t end ever)
  3. My Random Thoughts (Maybe will restart)
  4. Lucid Dreaming, Astral Projection and Sleep Paralysis (Haven’t ended)
  5. A Depressing Story (Who knows what will happen to this)

Those which are in bold will end soon so, say your farewell to these ‘series’. So, today I decided to continue my latest short story entitled ‘A Depressing Story’. To be honest, when I wrote this story, I didn’t know that many of you would like it which you did, based on your comments and DMs (Yes, I do read your DMs even when it’s beyond weird). So here’s the last paragraph of my story in case some of you had forgotten what happened:

When I got home, my lights had been turned off. Feeling scared and weirded out, I decided to cautiously go into the living room to check if there’s any intruder. To my horror, my lawyer was lying dead on the floor and John was standing right in front of me. He was pointing a gun. On of my inner voice told me to run but the other said none of it is real. He pulled the trigger and I dropped to the floor but there was no blood. I woke up in the psychiatric ward and as I looked to my left, I saw a sign saying “Schizophrenic Patient Ward”.

I tried to get out of bed but I couldn’t because I was handcuffed to the bed. Someone who I assumed to be a nurse came to me and she told me to just lie down as it was the time for all the patients to sleep. I looked outside and it’s all dark and to my left and right, I could see people staring at the window from their bed, probably wondering how life is outside the psychiatric ward.

Calmly, I told her I don’t belong here and since she seemed so intrigued to what I have to say, I told her everything. After what felt like hours, finally, she told me in a whispery voice that none of it is real and that I had been here in 3 years ago. Shocked, I immediately tried to break free and since I was handcuffed, my sudden and drastic movement made a loud noise. The ‘doctor’ was called in and I started kicking and thrashing like crazy.

He told me to calm down but I couldn’t cause what the nurse told me didn’t make sense. I still have vivid memories of my past 3 years. In fact, I remembered everything before that, including stuff that had been happening since I was a kid. Giving up, the doctor decided to just inject me with some sleeping drug because seconds after he injected me, I felt very sleeping and started to sleep.

When I opened my eyes, I was hoping that I would wake up in my bed at home which I didn’t. The ringing bell woke me up and I was mentally disorientated when I woke up, not remembering I got to where I was. To my left, an old lady was smiling at me while murmuring something which I initially thought to be targeted to me. However, after I remembered which ward I was in, I immediately know what’s happening with the old lady. When someone came to uncuff me, and said, “You are free to do anything but leave the building,” I immediately went to the toilet where I took my bath.

As I was bathing, I was hoping that the cold water will somehow wake me up from this terrible dream. However, it didn’t. But, as I was bathing, I remembered that I don’t know anything about this place but I still managed to go to the toilet without any help or directions. “Maybe it’s because you followed your common sense,” my brain voice told me. “No, it’s because you really stay here,” my inner voice told me. I decided to ignore all the voice in my head because I knew that I’m not insane and that I had never been here before.

Then, I started to think about stuff that was happening the night before. I remembered getting home from the restaurant to find my lawyer getting killed by a police officer named John and that John shot me. I failed to retrieve my memory of what happened next. Staring at the door, I keep of trying to remember but I couldn’t. My head starts to hurt as flashes of memory starts to play in my mind. As I was walking to my bed, I felt so dizzy that I fell to the ground.

Some of the other ‘inmates’ gathered around me to see what was happening. I didn’t recognise any of them and immediately, I started to panic because the situation was making me claustrophobic. Didn’t know what to do, I started to bang on the door in hopes of some staff would see me and come to my rescue which they did.

The same nurse from the night before told everyone to leave me alone and she brought me to my room where I immediately fell asleep after having my breakfast. Presumably, the put something in the breakfast to make people sleep because everyone around me immediately starts to sleep but, I was too tired to start presuming things. I woke up somewhere at afternoon according to the clock that was hanging on the wall.

I got up and went to the nurse sitting on the chair, reading a book and asked her, “How do I get out from here,”. She looked at me in shocked and said,”If you act normal for a few weeks, they will let you out,”. I wanted to ask her who this ‘they’ was but decided against it. “Is there some kind of a library here?” I asked her to which she replied, “Of course. It’s also your favourite place,”. “Most people with severe depression hang in there sometimes,” she continued as if I asked her the question.

Again, without being told what to do, I made my way to the library which despite what she told me was empty. The only librarian there was an old lady who smiled when I walked in. Going to the novels section, I decided to clear my mind and act as normal as I could although I didn’t know what’s normal and what’s isn’t. That was when someone walked into the library wearing suit and tie. That someone was John.

To be continued….




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