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So, this is what I had been waiting for since today’s I’m very sure that this blog post won’t be going anywhere cause I had copied and pasted it into four different places in case the … (you know who) decides to delete it again (Just Joking). This post will mainly be about Germans and the Hollow Earth Theory.

Before I start, I would like to say that these are only theories that I found and wrote as a form of entertainment purposes only. In no way am I endorsing these theories, nor am I saying that it’s totally true.

As I mentioned in Part 1 of this post, there are many stories of people that had been to the interior of the Earth including a US naval officer. What I didn’t tell you is that even the Nazis claimed that they had been to ‘Agartha’.

It was speculated that Hitler had indeed sent an expedition group to the Antartica where they found an entrance to the “Hollow Earth”. Later, towards the end of the war, Hitler ran away to the Antartica and he spends the rest of his days there.

Another theory states that the Nazis had a secret mission of exploring both the south and the north pole. It was claimed that the Nazis even managed to set up a military base at a place called Neuschwabenland in Antartica. The German Nazis did go to an expedition to Antartica in 1938 so, it was speculated that the Germans built their military base there.

Also, allegedly a Nazi Navy Grand Admiral named Karl Dönitz said to Hilter, “The German submarine fleet is proud of having built for the Führer in another part of the world a Shangri-La on land, an impregnable fortress”

The theory also states that the Germans continues to send supplies to the military base until they started to lose the war. Allegedly, the Nazis used their U-Boats to explore Agartha and a letter from an officer named Karl Unger who was in one of the U-Boats stating that they had, in fact, reached Agartha and isn’t planning to come back:


Apart from the letter, there are also some other letters (instructions) written by the Nazis on how to reach Agartha via submarine:


I couldn’t find any translation for this letter and I don’t speak German at all, so I don’t know if it’s real. If you do understand the instruction letter, please let me know if it’s real in the comments below. Sure, I can just use some translation tool but I’m too lazy cause I need to change the keyboard setting, etc, etc.

Of course, many people start to say that this theory is complete baloney, the cause of satellite images, however, some claims that NASA accidentally uploaded an image of the Earth with a huge hole at the North pole.

In this News Article, it is said that a Youtuber conspiracy theorist with the name of secureteam10 kind of exposed NASA’s photos of containing proof of the hole at the north pole. He said that the photos all contained some kind of a thing like a hole at the North Pole:

NASA-caught-hiding-something-at-North-Pole (1)

Of course, it’s easy to just fake these images cause now, almost everyone has the knowledge to use photoshop. However, NASA is an agency which is well-known to cover up things especially those that are related to aliens. I mean, some even speculated that NASA stopped sending astronauts to the Moon due to the existence of Alien Bases on the Moon, not to mention that the Moon landing may be a big hoax.

Also, if you use YouTube long enough, you may realise that sometimes, at the homepage, you will get a suggestion to watch the live stream of the Earth from the International Space Station. Some conspiracy theorists had come out and said that one, the live stream was shut down. Read this article to find out more.

I think that’s all for today’s post cause honestly, for me, this thing is getting rather boring. Part 3 of this post will not be about Agartha rather, it will be about us. Follow me on Twitter if you want to see the ‘other side of me’ unless you are a racist and/or a terrorist then don’t. Now it’s time for me to answer your questions.

The question:

Screen Shot 2017-08-21 at 8.12.54 PM

The answer:

As soon as I entered hell, I would like to challenge Satan to a game of chess since I used to be a rather ‘active’ chess player. I am still now (online of course). Since in my beliefs, it’s said that Satan is large in numbers, I would like to challenge them all. I wouldn’t have to worry much tho since people say you are in hell for eternity. After I had defeated them all, then maybe I will play against you but only if I feel like it’s worth it.

Ok, bye!


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