A Depressing Story


Hello, Humans. I know that in yesterday’s post I said today’s post will be the second part of the Hollow Earth Theory. In fact, I had even scheduled it to be published today at 8:00 p.m (my time) so, I waited for it to get published, some of you maybe waiting too but it never did come. Therefore, I checked the WordPress app to see what’s wrong the post was gone. I couldn’t find it anywhere not even in the trash. So, that’s why you are getting this instead. UPDATE: I’m not saying I got hack, it’s just it disappeared. I have a feeling that certain someone just doesn’t want people to know about the whole Hollow Earth Theory. I’m not pointing fingers but the CIA definitely did it. Just kidding CIA, please don’t come to my house.

Also, I had just realised that I hit 1K followers on Twitter so, thank you for that. Actually, you can just treat this as a ‘surprise’ post celebrating my 1K on Twitter since I’m so TOTALLY famous. Since I had started this blog, I had never written a short story with a ‘first-person point of view’ perspective because believe it or not, some people think I’m a lunatic psychopath every time I do so, which I’m not. Some people just don’t understand the meaning of ‘a fictional work’.

However, like always I don’t give a damn cause I know I’m not a murderer. This story doesn’t contain any elements of extreme violence but I think I still need to put in a TRIGGER WARNING SIGN. Seriously, if you are gonna get triggered, simply don’t read it. Ok, let’s get right into the story:



“Where did you hide the body,” the officer asked me, slamming his hands on the table, hoping that he could scare me. Unfortunately for him, I’m not someone who easily get’s scared for no reason especially when I don’t know what he’s talking about. Practicing my rights, I decided to remain silent until my lawyer comes which he still never did after an hour. “I repeat,” the officer shouted louder and banged the table harder this time.

Still keeping quiet, I stared at his name tag which said ‘John’. I made a mental note to complain about John after getting out of this mess as soon as my lawyer comes. “Where are you?” I asked him in my head since my lawyer is not someone who takes ages to come. “He’ll be here any minute. In fact, he’s already here. It’s just they won’t let him in. That’s why John is trying to get you to confess as fast as he can” my inner voice said to me.

I have a very ‘strange’ relationship with my ‘inner voice’ since we always contradict each other. Whenever I want to do something, my inner voice will always debate with me. Actually, I don’t call it my inner voice but, I called it my ‘brain’s voice’. I had never told anyone about it due to its nature of being bizarre. How can you tell anyone that you have two ‘voices’ in your head that contradicts each other? At best, they will think you are weird and at worst, they will place you in some psychiatric ward for being schizophrenic.

After what seemed like hours, my lawyer finally bursts into the interrogation room, shouting “Let my client go!”. John obviously tried to protest but I supposed what seemed to be his ‘boss’ told him to let me go because they don’t have any proof to keep me any longer. After I had gotten out of the police station, my lawyer asked me a simple question,”Did you say anything?” to which I replied by shaking my head. I wanted to ask him what took him so long but I decided against it since he had already apologised.

Besides, I was pretty much still in a ‘disorientation state’. In the morning, the police came to my house as I was about to leave for work. Two of them came and ask me if I could come with them to the police station because I was needed to for some questioning. I immediately shouted for my neighbour to call my lawyer. Luckily for me, I and my neighbour are best friends so, she immediately knew who to call.

Once I was at the police station, John started questioning me about some alleged murders which I committed. He even showed me two pictures of a male and a female respectively and asked if I knew any of them to which I didn’t reply. Then, he kept on talking about his theory that he thinks is true. I hate cops because they think they are so smart but actually, they aren’t at all. Not to mention that a lot of innocent people entered prison every day but of course, that never made it to the news.

After I got home, I was still feeling weird and after talking to my neighbour about why I was taken to the police station, I decided to take a quick nap. The quick nap turned out to be a deep sleep as after I woke up, there was no more sunlight and I was feeling very hungry. In fact, I was starving. I got into my car and started driving to the nearest fast-food restaurant. Being hungry, I don’t like to wait for my food because when it comes to food, I’m impatient.

Unfortunately for me, the person at the counter said, they only do home delivery. I said,”Well, I’m already here so, can’t you just give me the food?” cause it’s the most logical thing to say. He shook his head and that was when a group of people bursts into the restaurant and started to queue up, thus, I wasn’t able to argue much and just gave my home address.

When I got home, my lights had been turned off. Feeling scared and weirded out, I decided to cautiously go into the living room to check if there’s any intruder. To my horror, my lawyer was lying dead on the floor and John was standing right in front of me. He was pointing a gun. On of my inner voice told me to run but the other said none of it is real. He pulled the trigger and I dropped to the floor but there was no blood. I woke up in the psychiatric ward and as I looked to my left, I saw a sign saying “Schizophrenic Patient Ward”

To be continued……


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