Stuff that annoys me (Part 2 of millions)


Hello, humans. Before I start I will like to say that the part 2 of the Hollow Earth series will probably come out tomorrow if nothing major like the world war happens. Actually, even if the world war breaks out, it will still come out because I had scheduled it to be tomorrow (unless there’s no internet). A majority of you, answered yes in my first poll so I predict that maybe some of you had grown impatient, waiting for part 2 which is taking ages. But, to more you wait, the better the ‘reward’ would be. Also, I will post another poll after this post.

Before I start, I would like to put a large sign of TRIGGER WARNING


1. People who say, “You are so big”

Almost everywhere I go, the first thing people would say to me is “Oh my God, you are so big” and I don’t know what to reply or why I should reply because there is no reason to do so. This thing became more ‘awkward’ if I met someone who I don’t know but they know me. In my head, I’m thinking, “Who is this person?”. I don’t really know why that makes something that people need to say. I’m mostly ‘bigger’ and ‘taller’ than most people that I met who said this to me but, I said nothing about them being ‘small’. You know, sometimes, the saying “If you don’t have anything good to say, don’t say it at all” really needs to be ‘implemented’ in everyone’s daily life because being ‘big’ or ‘tall’ is not my choice, cause it’s in my FREAKING genetics.

Honestly, I don’t know how being ‘big’ or ‘tall’ affects anyone that I know or met especially if I’m not ‘part’ of their life at all. I got even more annoyed when they start questioning what my parents ‘fed’ me when I was a child to make me SO BIG. Well, it’s not my problem that you don’t feed your children which make them SO SMALL AND TINY. Sometimes, I’m tempted to say “OH MY GOD????? DO YOU HAVE ANY MONEY TO EAT, CAUSE YOU’RE SO SMALL!” but I won’t because they would get extremely triggered and start condemning me to hell.

2. Self-proclaimed professionals

Some people act as if they are some certified ‘professional’ in the ‘field’ that they’re talking about. These types of people talk a lot and they won’t even stop even though they’re clearing just throwing in ‘fake facts’. The most conversation that I will hear will be about someone talking non-stop about something, usually about politics (maybe cause they’re old people). Since I kind of love politics, sometimes, I find that the ‘theories’ that they’re talking about to not make any sense whatsoever but I still said nothing cause first, they are older and second, cause I know they wouldn’t listen.

No offence, but most of the old people will think that since they are older, they will have more experience, hence, they are smarter and a PRO although they aren’t even qualified. However, I must say, being older does not necessarily mean you are more experienced in every aspect of life. For example, a younger person will have more experience in technology because they are simply younger.

3. People who assume that since I do writing stuff, I will write about them.

NO. It doesn’t work like that (at least for me). Since most people I know are my relatives, they know that I do writing stuff but they don’t know that I do blogs, so I’m ‘allowed’ to talk about it. Every time I visit anyone of them, they will immediately comment that since I’m staying quiet all the time that I will write about them in my stories. As far as I’m concerned, I had not included them in any of my short stories in this blog or anywhere else. This happens cause many people start ‘teasing’ me in front of me as if I wasn’t there. I want them to know, that just because they do that, it doesn’t mean I will retaliate in the form of writing.


4. Self-proclaimed religious people who do it for the reward.

Some people, especially in my school would talk about doing something that they are supposed to do (in their religion) while reminding people about the ‘rewards’ that they will get for doing something good. Like, “If you go this, you will enter heaven,”. To this people, I want to say: WHO ARE YOU TO DECIDE WHO GETS WHAT? LIKE STOP. I didn’t tell anyone but I asked one of my Islamic Studies teacher that if these people actions are justified since they are doing these things only for the reward and the teacher never replied me cause she got transferred to another school. These people are also the same people as I mentioned in my previous post (the fake crying while praying part)

Ok, that’s about it in this post. If you aren’t the type of person to get triggered easily, you can go now but, you still need to share this post to 10 people first or I will come to your house at night. After that, you will need to answer this poll:

This part is only for the people who got severely ‘triggered’ after yesterday’s post (about 11 of them in total). I want to let you know that only 1 of the ‘triggered’ people got their comments approved by me because another 10 contains religious elements in their comments. You need to remember, I don’t care what’s your religion, but, comments with religious elements won’t approve EVER. Just because we ‘share’ the same religion, it doesn’t mean that the rule doesn’t apply to you.


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