Stuff that annoys me (Part 1 of millions)


Hello, humans. So, some of you might realise that this is not what I wanted to write about cause I literally started a new series on my blog which is the Hollow Earth ‘series’. Luckily for me, that’s the beauty of ‘series’ because you can keep people waiting to increase their suspense. Plus, based on the poll I conducted yesterday, most of you (more than 80%) answered YES to my question which is not something that I had expected due to the theory sounding completely baloney. I wanted to write part 2 but I was heavily distracted by two things. I will that you what the first thing is at the end of this post. Also, since I’m literally running out of time to post something today, I won’t be doing any proofreading for this post.Β Ok enough of me explaining myself.

1. People who suddenly care about what I do

Some people, no, most people don’t give a damn about what I do even if I die in front of them. However, if I do something that ‘benefits’ them like taking an exam earlier than them (shhh, this type of exam does exist) or if I entered heaven first, suddenly, I will get lots and lots of text messages from these people. Some didn’t even know I existed until they need my ‘help’.

A really fine example of this is when my classmate (sort of) from college suddenly texted me to know what came out in my IELTS test. If you don’t know what the IELTS test is, click here. This person who I shall name ZZZ (obviously not the real name) never even ‘interact’ with me in college. I mean like literally. We aren’t even in the same class and not even taking the same course. Not that I love to interact with people but, I still told ZZZ what came out for my test because I’m a KIND PERSON. However, had this ZZZ called me, I would not have answered the phone because I hate talking on the phone and this applies to everyone. Like if you are in trouble and you need to call someone, don’t call me cause you will end up dying in misery waiting for me to pick up my phone.

I know some of you might think that I will offend this ZZZ person cause we are from the same college but, ZZZ won’t be reading this post cause none of my ‘friends’ know about my blog and also, I got expelled so I don’t give a damn. HAHA

2. Where are you studying?

Seriously? Why does everyone need to be answering this question? I mean that everywhere I go, the first thing someone would ask me is: “So, where are you studying?”. I hate this question because as you already know, I hate talking and even when I was in college, this question is hard to answer. I know some of you will be thinking “What’s so hard?????” but it is because some don’t know where were my college and 99% of the person who asked doesn’t understand the course that I was taking.

Now, that I had been expelled, I find this question awkward since given the demographics of people that I had met, most of them are my relatives and most of them will so berzerk after finding out that I got expelled. So, now when someone asks me “Where are you studying?” I will just shut up and pretend that they don’t exist while praying for the ground to open and swallow me up. Don’t get me wrong, I am not ashamed to admit that I was expelled, it’s just these people don’t know how to control their mouth. Also, none of them reads my posts (I hope) so, it will be ok for me to roast them here.

3. People who ask me “Why are you always quiet?”

I know I had repeated this many times but, I don’t like to talk. Why do some people just don’t understand that I do not need to talk? Plus, I had already said in my Random Thoughts posts that in the world, some people need to talk and others need to listen and I prefer to listen. According to me, when you listen, you will remember more and learn more. I’m not bragging but most people who talk a lot, most of their ‘sayings’ doesn’t make any sense. It’s either pure gibberish or they don’t know what they’re talking about.

Since I don’t like to talk, I will just ‘google’ stuff so, chances are, when someone starts talking about a ‘certain facts that they think are true’, I already know that all of it is false. Even after I told some people why I don’t like to talk, they still won’t understand. A perfect example of this is my teachers from school (not all of them). Every time there’s a ‘meeting’ between the parents and the teachers, almost all of my teachers will say, “He is a good BUT HE DOESN’T WANT TO TALK so, we don’t know if he understands something or not”. If one of you was my teacher, I will like you to know (in a humble way) that technically this statement contradicts itself because if I’m ‘good’, it means I do understand most of the things taught at school.

3. Motivational Quotes and “Motivators”

I’m very sure most of you will have people posting motivational quotes everyday everywhere. Sometimes, as I scroll through Twitter, I will come across almost 10 of the same motivational quote back-to-back. Some people (especially on Facebook) will post 100 motivational quotes every day and it’s really annoying. I know that most of you are ‘optimistic’ however, I am severely ‘pessimistic’. I don’t believe in the alleged ‘powers’ of optimism cause I tried it and it FAILED spectacularly.

As for motivators, I’m sorry if I offend you but I don’t think any of your motivational talks will work on me. I do acknowledge the fact that some people changed 180 degrees after listening to a motivational talk but I won’t ever change just because some person with a mic told me what to do with my life especially when they don’t even know anything about my life. Sure, telling people to ‘get over’ their failures is easy but for someone to implement it is not easy at all especially if they failed many times before.

Another reason why I don’t listen to their talks is that some of them gave advice which is not reasonable at all. I remembered back in my primary school, there was this one motivator who told everyone to buy some expensive stuff. Even at a young age, I know it’s stupid to tell people to do so because not everyone came from a ‘rich background’. Some of my schoolmates couldn’t even afford to buy books and this idiotic motivator (OFFENCE INTENDED) told them to buy someone of no use.

Some motivators will tell people to cry when they pray to God. (THIS PART OF HIGHLY “TRIGGERY” TO SELF-PROCLAIMED RELIGOUS PEOPLE) According to them, you should even fake your tears because then God will listen to you. Like NO. I don’t even have to explain why but I would cause some of these people don’t understand why. For example, if you robbed a bank and killed someone then you fake your tears and start to pray to God for God to give you ‘money’ do you genuinely think God would?

Ok, that’s all for this part of the post. If you are new and find my blog interesting, please follow me on Twitter. However, if you are a racist or a terrorist, don’t follow me. If you have any questions, please post them in the comments below and I will answer them in the next post. The reason why I wrote this last is because I found this game called President. It’s an election game to test your skills to see if you could win the 2016 US election. I played as the third party candidate (Libertarian candidate) to see how much I could affect the results and I affected it a lot. See the screenshots below:

Screen Shot 2017-08-18 at 5.54.55 PM
I WON Arizona!

Screen Shot 2017-08-18 at 5.58.50 PM

Democrats aren’t supposed to win Idaho and Louisiana but my candidate took most of the republican vote, so they did. I also accidentally took most of the Democratic Vote in Oregon which is why republicans won there. Also, I chose Ted Cruz as the republican candidate cause I HATE DONALD TRUMP.

Although it was only the free trial version which doesn’t include the primaries, it took me more than an hour to finish the game which is why I couldn’t write part 2. Ok, bye!




8 thoughts on “Stuff that annoys me (Part 1 of millions)

  1. God listens to you even if its fake! You fake it at first but then you become honest. That’s the problem with liberal muslims like you


    1. Liberal?? I study political science and I can say that the writer is more like a moderate/centrist. No offence, a lot of Muslims classify everything as being too liberal when they see something different that questions the things that you do.

      Liked by 1 person

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