The Hollow Earth Theory (Part 1)


So, this post will have THREE parts because I say so. Before I start, I need to say that these are just some theories and talking about it does not mean I endorse any of it. Also, these post will be super short cause the theory is rather boring but I still want to write about it.

Basically, according to the theory, the Earth in entirely hollow which means this diagram is wrong:


The theory literally states that there’s another world beneath the earth which means there’s another advanced civilization in a place called ‘Agartha’ and there’s a central sun. See the diagram below:


It is also claimed that aliens, giants and animals (including those who had gone extinct such as Mammoths, etc.) live in the ‘interior’ space of the Earth. According to some people, to enter this ‘sacred’ space, there are two things that you need:

1. Influence
2. Lots and lots of money.

After you are really sure you have enough influence and enough money, you need to take a helicopter or something to the North Pole, and at the middle of it, you will see a huge hole that you will need to enter via plane or whatever that flies. It was also claimed that you may visit “Agartha” via tunnels that are found in some caves especially those that are huge and somewhat ‘underground’. An example of this is the Kentucky Mammoth Cave which is located in Kentucky, USA (obviously).

Although some had denounced this theory as being completely ridiculous and impossible including some claim that if the Earth is hollow then, gravity won’t be ‘strong enough’, people of believing in this theory states that the 400-800 miles of layer is enough and that the ‘central sun’ provides sufficient gravity pull. Furthermore, some people claimed that they had visited this place including the Germans and a US naval officer.

The officer is called Richard E. Byrd who claimed he flew into the interior of the Earth during his North Pole flight in 1947. In his diary, he recorded that he had indeed flown to Agartha and was met by their representative named Ariana who said the citizens of Agartha became worried because the ‘surface’ people started to develop atomic bombs that were already used. Many people think that this officer is completely lunatic or that he fabricated his diary’s entries, nonetheless, there are some who refused to believe that he could lie since he was someone in the military who had won a lot of awards.

This flight is not the only claim of people who had gone ‘inside’. Many more ‘stories’ like this will be told in the second part of this post. There is also a folklore about a community that found two children with green skins. These children (a girl and a boy) allegedly appeared in Suffolk, England,  in the 12th century. It was reported that they spoke an unknown language and won’t eat anything but raw broad beans. The boy died shortly after and the girl was eventually baptised and learned the English language. The girl claimed that she and her brother came from a place called Saint Martin’s Land which is inhabited by people with green coloured skin.


Ok, that’s about it for this part. Now, it’s the time to answer your questions from the previous post’s comments. But, before that, please answer this poll:

The question:

Screen Shot 2017-08-17 at 3.07.05 PM

The answer:

What else makes us common? Well, to answer this, I will make a list:

  1. You understand English, so do I
  2. Since you read my posts, you probably believe in ghosts too
  3. The average human has 46 chromosomes
  4. The average adult has about 206 bones

I think that’s about it. If you are somehow new, please follow me on Twitter to get notified whenever I post something new. Please check out this YouTube video that I edited. You can comment anything but, hate speech targeting certain groups and comments with religious elements will be removed. Finally, this post contains 666 words. Happy now, PREACHER?????

Screen Shot 2017-08-17 at 3.30.36 PM


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