Hello, humans. I know I was supposed to write a post about the Hollow Earth Theory which I wanted to do yesterday, however, I ‘had to do something’, ‘had to do something’ became ‘I’ll do it later” and finally, “I’ll do it later” became “I’ll do it tomorrow”. Thus, here I am, typing the ‘final’ part of this Random Thoughts series which boosted my views beyond my imagination so, thank you for that. Also, after this post, I will answer some of the questions that I received in the comments section

1. How can some people talk non-stop?

Us, humans, talk a lot. Like seriously, some people can talk non-stop about almost everything such as the weather, food, etc. Personally, I don’t like to talk to people that much because first, I don’t know what to talk about and second, people may not find what I’m talking about to be interesting. Normally, everywhere I go, I will just hear about what people have to say since, in this world, there must be a group of people that talks and another group that listens. I think most of you would agree with me when I say if everyone starts talking, nobody would understand anything. Whenever I listen to someone who talks, I will say to myself, “Don’t this person feels tired?” It is a known fact that the average human uses 70 MUSCLES to speak a single word.

Honestly, I don’t really mind if the person who is talking knows what they are talking about but, when someone keeps on talking without any sense or in other words, it is complete baloney, I will get really annoyed. I created a ‘relationship’ for it. The more the amount of rubbish in your ‘speech’, the higher my level of annoyance. Some ignorant people will cause me to lose my patience, nevertheless, I still do nothing because using 70 of my muscles isn’t worth it. Albeit not ‘talking’ in real life, I ‘talk’ a lot in the ‘cyber’ world as you would already realise by now which means I write a lot on the internet because, for me, writing utilizes less energy than talking.

2. Why there is a certain group of people who just don’t understand that chain messages DOESN’T WORK?


If you don’t know what a chain message is, then, you are really living in heaven. Basically, the most common type of chain messages is the ones which said: “forward this to 20 people and you will have 100000 years of good luck”. There are other messages which said you will get murdered by some random ghost at midnight or sometime in the morning if you don’t forward the message. Even worse, some chain messages curse you right away even if you accidentally read it.

If you are a hardcore believer that these pathetic things work, I have some bad news for you. IT’S UTTER NONSENSE. You won’t get lucky if you sent a message to 20, 30 or even a million people. Luck doesn’t work that way. Fortune does not come rolling to you. If you want to be successful or rich, you need to work hard as it is something that you need to earn unless you were born with gold spoons in both hands. Also, no ghosts will kill you just because you didn’t forward a message about how the ghost died.

Don’t even get me started with those religious chain messages. Every time I see a message which sounds like: ‘Forward this to 100 people to show that you love God’ or ‘Forward this to show you have time for God’ and ‘Scroll if you hate God’, I will just scroll because it’s stupid. Faith doesn’t work like that. If you ‘ignored’ God for 99% of your life, forwarding a message of love for God doesn’t do anything. I swear if I ever get a comment on this blog saying like this to show you love God or something like that, I will find the person who wrote it and I will smite them anything I can find. This brings me to number 3 which is something related to this.

3. Since when does 1 like = 1 prayer?????


I don’t know who started this ‘trend’ of posting something about someone being sick and at the end, they will post something like 1 like = 1 prayer, 1 share = 10 prayers. Like HELL NO. Prayers don’t work like that. You cannot substitute prayers with something else. I have a religion and I pray to ask God for something. If I could just ‘like’ to send a prayer, I might as well like and share every post on Facebook or Twitter or wherever since technically, I will send more ‘prayers’ to myself that way. The worst thing is, every time I just ignore these types of posts (didn’t like or share it), I feel guilty because there might be a possibility that the person shown is real and is really sick.

Also, sometimes, when someone especially a YouTuber made a video saying that they are sick, there will be one person who comments the same LIKE = 1 PRAYER FOR XYZ TO GET BETTER. These type of people deserves to get a tight slap from me. If you are one of them, and you are reading this, I want you to know that you aren’t supposed to use other people’s misfortunate as a way to get more ‘likes’. It’s just wrong.

Ok. So that’s about it for this post which turned out to be more like a rant but, it is good to rant sometimes. Starting from today, I decided that I would answer some questions that people ask me in the comment sections in the blog post section (cause it’s my blog and I can do whatever I like). So, if you have any questions (about me of course) leave it in the comments section.

The question:

Screen Shot 2017-08-16 at 11.12.45 PM.png

The answer:

So, to answer you let me do a list.

  1. No. I’m not an atheist.
  2. No. I’m not a satanist. I think it is widely ‘misunderstood’ that atheists are satanist and I find this rather silly. Being an atheist means that someone doesn’t believe in God. For them, God doesn’t exist. This also applies to heaven, hell, satan, angels and everything like that. So, no, atheists aren’t satanists.
  3. Yes I do have a religion

Hope that answers your questions.

Thank you for reading today’s post. Again, you can comment anything in the comment section but those with religious elements will be deleted. Please follow me on twitter if you want to get notified whenever I post something new. Before you go, please check out this YouTube video that I edited. Bye!





10 thoughts on “My Random Thoughts (Finale)

  1. 1. I identify as a non-binary person meaning I’m neither a male nor a female so I’m quite offended when you used she/he
    2. What is your religion?
    3. Are you pro-choice or pro-life?
    4. Apart from no 1, I like your posts

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  2. 1. You hate people that talk too much? So do I.
    2. You hate chain messages? So do I
    3. You don’t believe in that “1 like = 1 prayer either? Neither do I.
    4. What else do we have in common? I’m curious.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. There’s 3 things in your posts and it’s the 3rd part. 3+3=6

    There’s 12 characters in your twitter username. 1+2=3

    3 is a prime number which is huge in the illuminati and 666 is the number of the devil. Thus, you are part of the illuminati, spreading its propaganda through your twitter account and your blog.

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