So, I decided to write about my random thoughts because I ran out of ideas.


1. What if we are just a simulation?

If you haven’t read my previous post about the world being a simulation, please do so (click here). Ever since I started to ‘research’ into that topic, I always asked myself, “What would I do if the world is a simulation? Can I live my life ‘normally?” To be honest, I would be lying if I say I would just carry on with my life since it is pointless if life is a simulation. Just think about it. If life is a simulation, it means you aren’t real. As in you don’t exist. Personally, I think it would be weird to live my life normally knowing that reality isn’t real. Therefore, I ask myself another question. What happens after the simulation ends? Do we restart as someone else? Or are we just destroyed?

2. Aliens?


If you don’t know already, I believe in the existence of aliens due to the fact that the universe is huge and there are literally thousands of planets in it (that was already discovered). If there aren’t any ‘aliens’, then, why are these planets there? Believing that everything created has its own purpose, wouldn’t it be bizarre if the other planets don’t ‘contain’ any living creatures? Also, some people of knowledge think that some of the moons have the right conditions to harness life such as Titan, Europa and a whole bunch of other moons. Some experts had already ‘cross-out’ a lot of planets for being suitable for ‘life to start’ saying that life could not have possibly ‘evolved’ in certain heretic conditions. But, what if they’re wrong? What are conditions that seem too bizarre for life on Earth to survive is perfectly suitable for extra-terrestrials? What if aliens don’t need oxygen and water to survive?

3. Is the Earth Hollow?

I know it might be rather idiotic of me to even think of the Earth as being hollow because obviously it isn’t and satellite imagery had already proven that it isn’t since you ‘couldn’t find’ any holes on the south or north pole which leads to the super secret ‘underground’ civilization. If you haven’t got a clue what’s all these fuzz about the Earth being hollow, basically, some groups of people believe that the Earth is hollow and that you are able to enter the ‘interior’ of the Earth via tunnels (caves) and the colossal hole at the north (and south) pole.


Once you entered it, you will see an advanced civilization that lives prosperously with all the ‘extinct’ (and haven’t extinct, of course) animals. Albeit sounding completely baloney, there is numerous evidence that might prove it’s true. Some even believe the Nazis went to live there. Anyway, this is a story for another time.

4. Ghosts, what are they?

You may not believe in ghosts but I had always believed in it since I was a kid owing to hearing some stories about them and even experiencing some ‘experience’ that I deemed as being paranormal as there is no earthly explanation for it. I talked before in my previous posts about why I think some ghosts might actually be someone from a parallel universe who got stuck in our universe for a small period of time. Almost all of the ‘ghost believers’ will tell you that ghosts are dead people’s spirits who have unfinished business on Earth, resulting in them being unable to ‘transition’ to the ‘other side’. However, I don’t think that’s the case mainly because I was always thought that after people die, they will just go to the ‘other world’, which is largely called the ‘afterlife’. Again, if it turns out if the world is a simulation, then, ghosts would just be some kind of a glitch.

That’s about it for today’s post. I think there would be a second part for these random thoughts thing. If you wish to get notified whenever I post something new, do follow me on Twitter. Also, I want to tell you that my URL changed in case you didn’t realised so, update your bookmark assuming that you do bookmark my page.


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