Untitled (A short Story)

Note: This is just a fictional work. None of it is real. No part of this writing attacks anyone directly or indirectly and I need to write this every time because apparently in the 21st Century, people still don’t understand what a short story is 🙄🙄. Also, TRIGGER WARNING for obvious reasons.

John walked home that night because his car broke halfway to his house and the police officer said, “We cannot help you with that cause it’s not an accident”. “It’s ok,” John replied. “I had always hated the police anyway,” he continued and casually walked off, ignoring that his foot is hurting and his back his was killing him. Once he got home, the first thing he did was to call the mechanic and told them where they could get his car. Although he never told anyone, he was amused that he trusted a stranger just like that.

After taking his dinner/supper, he went bed after calling it a day. He couldn’t bother to check his phone or his voicemails since he was very tired due to all the walking. As usual, he checked under his bed for intruders and in his closet for the boogeyman. Even though he is 28 years old, he didn’t stop believing in the forever loyal boogeyman. Feeling sure that nobody is in his home, he closed the lights and literally ran into his bed like a child would.

The next day, he woke up to the sound of his alarm which ran for the fifth time. It was a Saturday but he still needs to go and pick up his car (assuming nobody stole it) and then go to the bank to pay his monthly rent. While waiting for his Uber driver to arrive, he read the morning news on his iPhone which stated that the North Korea decided not to attack anyone. Although he felt relieved he still thinks that they are up to no good. “When you have two kids as president, you will never know what will happen next,” his Uber driver told him as they discussed the matter in the car.


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Once he reached the garage, he was shocked to learn that his car is in a worse condition than he had initially thought. According to the mechanic, he needed to change the car’s engine, all the tyres and the battery is almost dead. In other words, his car needed an overhaul. Calculating the total cost of the overhaul, John decided it would be more worth it to just buy a new car, however, he wasn’t too sure if he could get a loan in this economic condition. The ‘economy bloom’ of the first few months of his new president is over and they are now heading for a new age of economic recession. “I told you so,” he said to his friends whenever he met them. They ridiculed his intentions of voting for the obvious candidate quoting, “THOSE DAMN EMAILS”.

Returning from his bank, he was sure he would get the loan because his salary was high enough. However, he still had a problem. The nearest place where he could buy a car is a few miles away which would cost him a lot of money. Deciding to get things done there and then, he went back to the bank, applied for the loan and withdrew the amount which is something he never knew possible. As he arrived, he immediately picked his new car which was also his dream car.

After all the paperwork is done, he was now the proud owner of his dream car. Driving home, he didn’t need to worry about any traffic because he wasn’t in any hurry. The closer he got to his house, the more excited he became to show his friends his new car. Since he got it, not a single photo was ever taken of it due to an insufficient amount of time.

Once he reached home and rested, he wanted to connect to his Instagram account but it was not available. He tried Facebook but nothing was there too. Eventually, he found out that he could not surf the web. Suddenly a blaring siren almost caused him to be deaf. Deep inside him, he felt that he needs to take a shelter underground and luckily for him he has an underground panic room filled with food that will last him for months. As soon as he reached the underground ‘bunker’ the nuke was dropped and the town was annihilated. John survived but he only got out a week later and nothing was left of his small town. Not even his brand new car. “DAMN THOSE EMAILS!!!” he cursed.


Thank you for reading today’s post. If you want to get notified when I post something new, please follow me on twitter. The ‘goal’ of these stories is to show you how life can end in just few seconds if countries went to war with each other.


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