Jenny was having her dinner when someone rang the doorbell. She wanted to ignore it but, as she was expecting for someone to come later that night, she opened the door. It was a salesman who wanted to see if she is interested to buy an insurance policy. Initially, Janney wanted to decline it however, she realised that she was no longer insured since the new president came into power 8 months ago.

Wanting to know more but feeling hungry at the same time, Jenny politely asked if she could fix an appointment to meet the salesman later to which he happily agreed. After finishing her meal, she waited for her guests until they finally came. It was her parents and her younger sister. Her sister used to work in the military but for some reason, she was no longer allowed to do so again, thanks to her new president. Now, she had started her own salon which she hopes would survive because her customers are getting lesser and lesser. It was not her fault, most of them complain that she was a little too rough.

Jenny and her family chatted for a little before they went to bed. Since everyone would be staying there for a few weeks, they will have plenty of time for chit-chatting. It was half past two when Jenny’s sister, Alex woke her up because she heard someone breaking a window in the backyard. It turned out to a buglar who ran away. The police were called but there was nothing they could do since “Nobody died and nothing was stolen”. Jenny asked if she could press charges for causing damage to which the police officer said, “I’m afraid we don’t have any proof for that,” Jenny wanted to argue more, but, she was afraid that she would get tased like her neighbour, so, she said nothing.

“Our lives don’t matter anymore,” Jenny said to her family as they went to bed to continue their dreams. The window was covered by a piece of wood which was provided by one of the police officers who wanted to help but was too scared to do anything more. The next day, Jenny decided to stream some movies because she was bored and everyone else was visiting the local museum. Cursing, she reached out for her credit card to purchase the special internet pass which would allow her to do so. Since Net Neutrality became a thing in the past, her life became more miserable.

She smirked at the sentence, “Your privacy will be kept safe” because she knew it was a lie. It was now a fact that everyone’s private information was sold to advertisers in the name of the “free” market. She watched two movies as she waited for the salesman from yesterday to come. He came and after an hour of asking questions, she decided to buy it. That was when her mom messaged her telling one of the countries’ territory was under attack by another country.

Shocked, she turned on the news who showed nothing. It only showed how great the market is and how many new jobs the president had allegedly created. Angry, she threw the remote at the wall which broke it in half. Deep inside her, she was thankful that the salesman had left because she would look like a monster. In Facebook, she saw many posts of news network from another country which said her country was under attack.

Suddenly, she was not allowed to continue surfing on Facebook. Jenny cursed for the second time as she wondered how many more freedom would be lost. They had lost their freedom of speech and the freedom of the press and now, she lost her freedom to use her social media accounts. Suddenly, Jenny heard a siren and she panicked, not knowing what it meant. She frantically ran around the house trying to find a place to hide since she thought she needed to hide. A few seconds later, the blast annihilated her whole town and nothing was left of it.

Thank you for reading today’s post. I know it had been weird lately but since my views increased drastically as soon as I posted this kind of stuff, I will just continue doing it. LOL. Before, you go please check out this site, this YouTube Channel and my Twitter.



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