The ‘Real Murderer’ (A Short Story)



Linda was working when her phone rang. It was from her daughter’s school who wanted to inform her that her kid is sick and needs to go to the clinic immediately. Since the school’s policy prevented teachers from taking their students to the hospital or clinic, Linda had to do it herself. The policy was never mentioned when she enrolled her daughter, Eve so, she was rather annoyed. Knowing that her boss won’t let her leave until lunch break, she decided to just let her daughter to be left in school for a few minutes. “What could go wrong?” she said to herself and everything turned out to be the answer.

A few minutes turned out to be hours because she forgot that her only daughter was sick. She wouldn’t even leave work before five if the school didn’t call her a second time and literally ‘blasted’ her with annoyance since she totally neglected her child. Hurriedly, she informed her boss who gave her pieces of her mind for not finishing her work. She almost got into a deadly accident as a result of stress building up in her head but she knew she needs to redefine her priorities.

When she got to her daughter’s school she was greeted by annoyed teachers who gave her ‘death’ glares. She swiftly made her way towards her daughter but she was asleep. Touching her daughter, she could really feel that Eve was ‘burning’. Tears started to drip from her eyes as she felt really guilty. In less than 2 minutes, she reached the clinic but they said her daughter’s condition is serious so she needs to take her to the hospital.

Linda cursed because she knew she no longer had insurance coverage which meant she will need to pay lots of money provided the hospital fees are indeed considerably higher. The doctor said that her daughter needs to be left at the hospital for one night so that they can carry out more tests. Being an ex Medical students, she knew it is not necessary but she didn’t argue. However, she dreaded the bill that will come.

Linda cursed because she voted for an inexperienced clown to be the president out of anger. That day, she decided that she was indeed an idiot. The next day, she took the day off because she wanted to ‘make it up’ with Eve. Her boss didn’t sound too happy but since it was only the second time that she took an unpaid ‘holiday’, she decided to just ‘let it slide’. The first would be her unpaid ‘maternity leave’. Sometimes, she wondered why the allegedly ‘greatest country’ doesn’t have any paid maternity leave when every other country does.

She wanted to meet her daughter but the doctors said she needs to wait for a while. A while turned out to be an hour and finally one of the nurses broke the news to her. “Your has brain cancer,”. Let’s just say, she wasn’t too happy with the news and so, she was thrown out from the hospital until she was able to ‘get back to her senses’. A few hours later, she was allowed back in and she got out a few hours later knowing that there is no way she could afford the treatment cost for long.

A few weeks later, she wrote a letter to her representative and then to her senator and finally to her president all which she elected but none replied. Angry, she decided to stage a protest but remembered that her freedom of speech was now limited so, she decided against it. She wanted to ask people of the media to help her but again they wouldn’t and couldn’t because their rights too are now limited. Angry, she had to sell her house and her car to continue her daughter’s treatment.

A few months later, her daughter had fully recovered but it was useless. Linda now lives in a small room in a shared rented apartment. Linda wonders if her life would have been better if she just let her ‘daughter die’ but of course nobody would do it. To make things worse, her boss fired her because she said Linda was no longer ‘professional’. Her daughter died a few months later because she was severely malnourished because Linda decided to just work without really care about her daughter. Now, she would sometimes have nightmares of Eve telling her that she’s a murderer but she could care less. Linda had finally accepted that nowadays, you only need to think and live for yourself.

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