A Short Story (Kind Of)



Alice woke up to the sound of cheering outside of her apartment. She cursed because after seeing the time since it was only 4 o’clock in the morning and she had work the do the next morning. She opened her window and immediately shouted for the crowd to be quiet but obviously, her voice is not heard in the deafening mob. A few seconds later, someone threw a stone to her head and that was when she really woke up.

Alice cursed for real due to this being the second time in a week that she experienced a “False Awakening” episode. She took her bath and made her way to work. As a result of her getting up early, that day, she missed all the traffic jams which mean she would be able to have her breakfast. Alice smiled for the first time in weeks because she was finally early. Suddenly, a car came from nowhere and crashed in hers. The other car somersaulted in mid air before crashing on the other side of the road. Alice’s car, however, didn’t levitate but nevertheless, she broke her left arm.

At the hospital, she was asked if she had any insurance coverage because the cost of the overall treatment is so high that the hospital is afraid she wouldn’t be able to bear it. However, she was barely awake to answer their questions so, she just mumbled some stuff. She used to have an insurance coverage but it was stripped when a certain someone became the president. Regret though wasn’t worth it at this point.

Essentially, she was transferred to a public hospital where they had to keep her in line because according to her doctor, she ‘wasn’t technically dying’ so, she could wait for a little. A little turned out to be hours as blood from her scares starting dripping onto the floor. “It would be nice if you don’t spill your blood all over the floor,” the cleaning lady said to her. Her family members who couldn’t afford the treatment too decided to just burst into the doctor’s room and demanded her to be treated immediately. To their disgust, the doctors weren’t doing anything.

An hour later, after getting her wounds stitched and getting her broken arm and leg into what her mother calls ‘caskets’, she was allowed to go home because they didn’t think her injury was that serious and the hospital bed is full. Her dazed mother who was angry because her daughter’s insurance was cancelled, decided to ‘vent’ about it on her social media page. Since she had quite a number of ‘fans’ who are mainly her friends and relatives, she thought that maybe the government would read what she would want to ‘complain’ about. To her, she did vote them into office and so, she should have the freedom to do so.

Her prediction turned out to be true after her post went viral after a day of posting it. She knew, that with some manipulation of words, she will get a whole army of people on her side. The government, however, wasn’t pleased. A whole SWAT team was sent to her house and she was taken away because according to them, she was ‘instilling negativity into people’s minds’ which would cause them to be ‘rebels’. Alice doesn’t get it about why a simple post explaining about how she was forced to wait for hours got her mom into trouble.

A month later, the court decided that her mom had broken the law by trying to spread radical ideologies and was sentenced to 10 years in prison. Alice tried to get a few group of people to hold a protest but it backfired when the president banned them from taking part in any part of any protest saying that it disrupts peace. Many people started to wonder if they should go back in time to vote for someone else but those DAMN EMAILS!

Months went by and Alice had fully recovered. She decided to go for a trip to the southern part of the country which is a place she often visits in the past. As she headed south, she could see the imaginary wall in the mind which is never gonna get built. After visiting most of the places, Alice imagined how it would be like living in a place where she is free to do whatever she wants.

Now, she lived happily in another country with her new family. The authorities didn’t deport her back to her country as they knew what had happened to her family. The imaginary wall turned out to be real after a few years since the president decided he wanted to be a dictator. Occasionally, people on the “free side” would draw some graffiti on the wall, reminding people of an allegedly great country that was once behind it. They could only wait for when civil war would break out in the country.

Thank you for reading today’s post. I don’t know why I did it but I did. So thank you for reading. Maybe I will delete this after 24 hours but who know. Before you go please visit this website.



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