The Boy Who Cried Wolf (My Version)



There was once a boy who lived on a farm because his family was a farmer. He didn’t get to chance to get a proper education like most of his cousins because unlike them, his parents only wanted him to be a farmer and since he lived a few miles away from civilisation, he didn’t even know about his rights to get an education. The innocent child believes that everyone is the same as him cause that’s what his parents told him every time he asks them.

However, the little boy wasn’t as innocent as he seemed. Although his parents always feed him well, he would still steal something from the grocery shop. It is just a habit of his and it started since he was 6 years old. The first thing that he stole was a bag of potato chips when he was confident that nobody would be able to catch him in the act. As days, months and years pass by, the boy grew bigger and bigger so does his desire to steal. What first started as a small bag of potato chips, now turned into a whole box of it. Since the old man who runs the shop could barely see, the cunning kid was sure that nobody will ever catch him.

One day, however, he was caught by a visitor who was an outsider. The gentleman bought the boy (let’s call him Jack) to the front counter and became the hero by telling the old man what had happened. The boy’s parents were called and so were the police. Since Jack managed to cry a lot, everyone believed when he said he had never stolen anything else before and so, they let him go with a warning. Jack’s parents were relieved but they were still furious by his completely unresponsible action of stealing. Nonetheless, they didn’t punish him because according to them, it was all their fault for not raising up their only son properly. That day, Jack lost their trust and they no longer treated him ‘well’.

A year later, Jack when to the stables to feed the chickens and he was dazed to see that all the chicken were dead. Someone or something had broken their neck causing them to die in such painful manner. He quickly ran to the entrance of the den but as he approached it, someone was standing in front of him, blocking his path. It was covered with black hair and has long fangs. That someone almost looked like a werewolf. “Help! Help! There’s a werewolf!” he shouted frantically but obviously, nobody went to help him because werewolves aren’t real.

“Don’t be afraid, Jack,” it said. “I won’t eat you,” it continued although Jack kept on shouting and shouting. “Shut up stupid boy!” his dad shouted back at him annoyingly. “If you can let me kill anyone of your choice, I will let you go,” the werewolf said. “NO! I would never do that!” he shouted and ran away into the woods. Obviously, he fell because if he didn’t this story would end here. The werewolf was now on top of him and it was starting to strangle him.

Suddenly, Jack remembered all the hardships he went through working at a farm since he was little. He never had the chance to have fun and he wasn’t allowed to make friends with anyone. His parents always forced him to work from 8 to 5 in the evening because they said that was his purpose of being born. Since he was caught stealing, his parents treated him even worse. He was no longer allowed to sleep on the bed and he was rarely fed dinner. In other words, they treated him like animals. “You can kill my parents,” he said to the werewolf with anger in his eyes. The werewolf made a run into his home and a few minutes later, he could hear their cries for help, “Help! Help! There’s a werewolf!” Jack smiled as he replied, “Shut up stupid kid!”

Thank you for reading today’s post. Although it was rather bizarre, there was actually something I would like to address through it and that is the existence of child labour. You may not realised it but it might be happening everywhere. These children were stripped of their rights to get a proper education like anyone else. Click here to learn more about it and how you can help to fight against it.


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