An Open Letter to the Malaysian Government


As a Malaysian citizen who loves my country more than anything else, I would like to question you about something. What happened to the funds that were supposed to be used for maintenance purposes of the Japanese Garden in Ipoh. It was claimed to be one of the city’s attraction and I went there many times as a kid. It was supposed to be glorious and it was but now, the gloriousness had disappeared.

Firstly, it is obvious that the pond wasn’t even cleaned up. Dead leaves and rubbish of all sorts are seen everywhere. It is true that that rubbish ended up there because of some of the irresponsible citizen’s action but at least the authorities should clean it up. There is one obvious reason for this which is, there is no penalty given to anyone as it is clear that throw rubbish everywhere and anywhere they can.


Furthermore, I don’t know why is it called a Japanese Garden when it doesn’t even have a Japanese look. The ground is barely covered with grass and if there is any, it is barely alive. A lot of the structures need to be repainted because it had faded. A garden is supposed be to filled with flowers, nonetheless, the flowers are either missing or they are all dead. There is also a pond that is all dried up and honestly, it is a very painful eyesight.

IMG_3501       IMG_3510.JPG

I did not write this letter as a form of an insult but I am just expressing my disappointment. Undoubtedly, the park had not been properly taken care of for a very long time (as you can see in the pictures). The Japanese Garden used to be beautiful and it is supposed to be something to be proud of. Even in your advertisement, the garden was shown to be colourful and lively but now it is dead.


I do realise the entrance to the park is indeed free but the Malaysian Government had collected taxes from the people for purposes of maintaining the park (not just the park but every recreational park in general). Both of my parents are tax payers and even they are disappointed about its current condition which is horrible. Today, as I walked around the park, I could see quite a number of foreign tourists and I don’t think it is something ‘good’ that they see a park of such conditions.

Something needs to be done to this park because it will be a waste if such beautiful park in the past is wasted just like that. If it is really taken care of by both the citizens and the authorities, it could really be something great that Malaysia owns.

Thank you.


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