So, today someone asked me on twitter to writer a ‘bizarre killing story’ so here it is:Screen Shot 2017-08-03 at 9.17.40 PM


Linda woke up at 3:00 a.m. because she heard something fell in the kitchen. Although it was now something usual after she got a pet cat, she still wanted to go and check if there was any intruder because, for her, it is better safe than sorry. As she made her way down the stairs, she could see her cat running into the living room so, she was sure it was him but for the peace of her mind, she pulls herself together and continued her endless journey into the darkness of her kitchen. As soon as she got there, her 50 years of life came to an abrupt end because in the kitchen was a killer who was waiting to kill her since she was a kid.

The police broke into her house after the neighbours had been complaining for two weeks. They simply couldn’t stand the bad smell coming from her home and some became worried because they didn’t see her leaving her home for a long time. She was buried two days later after they carried out an autopsy but there was really nothing much to operate on because she had mostly decayed. Her daughter, Alice opposed any type of funeral because she didn’t want anyone to know her mom died in a horrible way. She didn’t believe in God anyway so she thinks it didn’t really matter.

Two days later, Alice attended her friend’s wedding ceremony and she had gotten over her mother’s death. “It was easy to do it when you hate someone,” she told her friends whenever they asked her. Alice and her mom had never been very close so she couldn’t care less what happens to her mom. Instead, she was happy to be at her best friend’s wedding ceremony which is something she had been waiting since forever. “I’m so happy for you,” she said to her best friend, Mary who is smiling all day. They were happily dancing and drinking when suddenly all the doors were shut and locked.

“You are all gonna die,” they heard someone saying from above the stage but nobody could make out who said it because the hall is still busy with people panicking and even people talking and cheering because they think it was a joke. Some people outside wanted to go in because they wanted to see what’s going on inside. Some speculated that there is a sketch that was quietly planned by either side of the party. “You are going to hell,” the voice said again. This time, they saw someone walking out from the backstage and everyone started cheering because he wore a black robe making them believe it was just a skit.

“Nice job, dude,” someone walked towards the man in the black robe. However, that person was decapitated as the mystery man took out a long sharp metal which looks like a sword. The cheering crowd turned into a screaming crowd instantly as everyone realised that it was not a joke. People starting to run for the door but it was locked and although they started banging on the doors, the people from the outside couldn’t open it. “What are you?” someone shouted at the man in the robe. “I am the person who lives in your mirror,” he replied. “People call me as the Candyman and even Bloody Mary,” he continued. “After years of people chanting my name, I am finally able to break the barrier that was holding me back for so long,” he explained to some group of people who were actually listening to what he has to say.

“Open the door!” the crowd screamed from inside but they were unable to hear what people outside had to say. “What’s your name?” a kid asked him. “My name is Satan,” he said and let the kid go because Satan was sure that the kid will carry out his legacy of killing people. Then, Satan flew to the middle of the distressed crowd and started to behead anyone that was in his way. “I will find you, Alice. I killed your mom and now I will kill you,” he said like some crazy lunatic. Satan grabbed as many people as he can and started to snap their neck like they were some kind of a toy. “This is too easy,” he said.

After killing about 30 people, the scream is getting lower and lower as more people were killed. Some even surrendered themselves and just stood motionless on the ground waiting to be killed and so they got what they wanted. Their skull was crushed to pieces as their dead body fell to the ground. Satan finally found Alice’s best friend Mary and he took Mary up to the ceiling because he wanted Alice to come out. She didn’t however because Alice is a narcissist who thinks only about her own safety. Mary was dropped from around 600 metres height and she died after falling into a broken piece of chair and was impaled by it.

Satan really enjoyed his time killing and running after people. His sword cut many people in half and he genuinely enjoyed it. After an hour, the hall was filled with corpses missing many parts of their bodies. Some lack a head and other lacks the other half of their body. Satan finally found Alice hiding among the dead body. It was not a swift end for her arrogant life because first, Satan snapped her legs and then her hands. He then took out her eyes starting from the left. She was begging him to just end her life but he just would do it. He killed everyone else and really enjoyed it when she heard everyone else screaming for their life but they were finally killed. All except for her. Satan left her among the dead crowd.

After the police managed to open the door, they instantly threw up because the hall was redecorated by dead body and blood was everywhere. There were two survivors. The first is a kid and the other was a woman that was blinded and had lost her legs and hands. She died 10 years later in the psychiatric ward.




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