“She’s Still There?”



Alice was walking home that night but she wasn’t sure where to go because nobody told her how to get to her new house. It was not their fault as she was the one who refused their help in the first place. Being the arrogant person that she usually is isn’t worth it this night especially since it was raining. However, she was still optimistic that eventually, somehow, she will get home.

“Where are you going?” someone asked her. It sounded like her mom, so, she turned around to look but nobody was there. Freaked out, she ran into the nearest shop she could find. “How may I help you?” the nice lady at the desk asked her. It turned out she had entered a hotel. “I am lost,” she said shaking in fear and cold. “Where do you live?” she lady replied with the standard clichéd reply. After telling her story including how she got lost, the receptionist told her that she could drive her home but she would need to wait for an hour because of obvious reasons.

“Thank you so much,” Alice replied sounding less scared but still shaking. Then, she went inside the Coffee Shop where she ordered two cups of coffee. Knowing that she has a lot of work to be done, she decided to sacrifice her sleep that night. Suddenly, as she was enjoying her second cup of coffee someone touched her shoulder. That someone asked, “Are you Alice?” to which she replied no by shaking her head. It did cross her mind that lying is not good but she wouldn’t want to speak to someone she didn’t know unless it was an emergency.

“Don’t lie Alice!” the person shouted the words. “You will go to hell Alice!” he continued. Shocked, she ran to the front desk where the sweet receptionist is waiting for her. They reached her home thirty minutes later but since Alice was shaking so bad, the receptionist waited in the car as Alice entered her house. Inside, she found her mother staring at her through the kitchen. Her eyes wide open like she is in disbelief that her daughter would return home so late at night. As Alice got closer, she found out that her eyes weren’t the only thing that is wide open. Her neck is too.

Her scream sent the receptionist (let’s just call her Terry), running into the house will a phone in her hands. She immediately dialled 911 but to her dismay and amusement, nobody picked up that damn phone. Angry, she redialed the number. “YOU ARE GOING TO HELL!” the operator shouted. Alice ran upstairs but she ran back downstairs after seeing another person upstairs who looked like her mother. “You cannot run from me!” the other person said as she came down the stairs.

“Who are you?” she asked while holding back her tears. Terry was crying and she regretted trying to be a ‘good samaritan’ for a day. “Oh shut up!” the woman said and she decapitated Terry with her long and sharp finger. Alice who is now the damsel in distress was too scared and shocked to say anything. “Me and your mom used to be twins,” the woman said. “We loved each other but one day, she pushed me down the stairs as she was jealous,” she continued with the now cliched story of why ghosts want revenge.

Alice ran faster than anything (the cliched running and tripping and running and tripping part were skipped) into her room and she locked her door. She entered her closet and sat quietly at the back. That was when someone tapped her shoulder and asked, “She’s still there?” and Alice was never alive again after that.



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