I Hate Urban Legends Part 2 (A short story)



Linda cried as her sister’s coffin was lowered to the ground. If she had known, she wouldn’t have told her sister to come and babysit her son who is still alive despite being stabbed by some clown statue. She returned home after getting her phone call that her sister is found dead in her bedroom and her son in the hospital. As soon as the funeral is over, she immediately rushed to the hospital because she didn’t want her son to be alone.

That night, she told her new husband to buy some food but she didn’t have any because she was still mourning and sad. Her new husband needed to leave for work and because it is his new job, she couldn’t stop him. Her son is awake but he wouldn’t say anything cause the doctor’s said he’s still in a trauma so, she didn’t want to force him to talk. The police did say that they will do their best to search for the killer clown who terrorised her son and killed her sister. Some people told her it’s an urban legend cycle but she didn’t want to hear anything stupid.

Before the hospital’s lights were switched off, her son said his first words,  “Check under the bed for monsters,”. Of course, she didn’t. As she was sleeping, she felt something touching her on her leg. It was rubbing her leg gently and it woke her up immediately. She started to panic but she looked down and saw her son’s blanket had fallen. She picked it up and to her horror, she felt something touch her hands. Her screams send nurses, doctors and security guards rushing into her room. Some out patients came inside too to see what’s wrong. Under her son’s bed, she saw a dead body. The body of her husband.

After transferring her son to another hospital, she went into the toilet and started to cry. “They say, you need to say the Candyman three times like bloody mary and then he will come,” she heard someone saying outside her stall. “What on earth are nurses up to nowadays,” she said to herself. “Ready?” she heard another voice which sounds older. She didn’t believe in ghosts but she was curious so, she stopped crying and listened. “The Candyman, the candyman, the candyman,”. “There, I told you. Nothing will happen,” the older nurse said. That was when she heard screams outside her stall. She quickly opened the door and saw nobody.

Scared, she went back to her son’s ward in a hurry but he wasn’t in bed. She freaked out and started screaming for the nurses. They came into the room and asked her,”Ma’am, what’s wrong?”. “My son!” she screamed like a maniac but everyone looked at her like she was crazy. “Your son is on his bed,” one of the nurses told her. Her son didn’t wake up because they had given him sleeping pills to combat the trauma. After she had calmed down, they went to sleep next to her kid. An hour later, she woke up to see someone standing at the end of the room, thinking that it was a nurse, she went back to sleep. The next morning, she woke up and her son was missing.

“Where’s my son?” she demanded the nurses. “You don’t have any son,” they replied. She was shocked because she knew she had a son. That was when she realised the person standing at the end of the room is the bogeyman. She cursed because she didn’t believe in urban legends earlier. A week later, she was transferred to the psychiatric ward. THE END.

Thank you for reading today’s post it is weird but it’s a way of me expressing how stupid these urban legends are. If you want to get notified whenever I post something new, please follow me on twitter and also please check out my Patreon Page cause I want your money.


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