I hate Urban Legends (A Short Story)

Note: This is only a short story. No actual people is involved in this. If there is any, it’s just a coincidence . Also, TRIGGER WARNING


Alice cursed as she woke up. She was late because her alarm once again failed her. Usually, her dog will wake her up but she didn’t know where he went and because she was too busy, she just assumed that her dog was in the basement somewhere. At night though, she could feel it licking her hands but in the morning, he was nowhere to be seen. She thinks that maybe her faithful companion is angry at her because she hasn’t taken him out for a walk for the past week. It is not her fault. She had been very busy with her new work and she thinks her lunatic boss hates her so much because he keeps on giving her more and more work.

She got to work but nobody was there. She cursed twice that day because she had totally forgotten that it was a Public Holiday meaning she didn’t have to work. She was angry and relieved at the same time. Relieved because she wouldn’t have to face her boss’ wrath for coming late to work and angry at herself because she could have slept more. She decided that since she didn’t have to work, she would use it to take her dog out for a walk. Maybe then, he would stop licking her hand at night. She was driving home when her boss called her. “You are fired,” he said. “Why?” she asked. “Because you forgot to email me the documents I told you to,” he replied clearly sounding annoyed.

Alice didn’t know if she wanted to be happy or sad. She hated her work and had always tried to be fired. She couldn’t resign because she was on a 6 months contract unless she got fired. Alice drove home smiling for the first time in a month. When she got home, she immediately got a phone call from her sister asking that if she could babysit her son for 3 days because her sister had got some ‘work’ to do. She agreed although she didn’t like children. She had to cancel her plan and quickly pack her stuff because her sister lives 5 hours away and she wanted to get there before it gets dark.

However, she only managed to pack up all of her stuff including boxes of makeup after 2 hours. She never understood how men can pack everything up in less than an hour. When she hit the road, it was three hours past 12 in the noon. She was a few miles from reaching her sister’s house when she saw a car with no lights on. She wanted to flash her headlights as a warning but she remembered about the urban legend and decided against it. Her friend Julia did it and she disappeared a night later. She wasn’t sure if she was sleepy but she saw someone lying on the road. Again, after reading an urban legend, she decided to just run it over.

After she had finally reached her sister’s home, she was told at what time he nephew is supposed to be asleep including all the emergency numbers which as unnecessary because Alice isn’t 14 anymore (she became a babysitter at 14). An hour later, her sister went to the airport with her new husband and Alice made sure her nephew went to bed after saying goodbye. Then, she went to the basement to watch TV because the TV in the living room isn’t working. That was when she saw a ‘clown statue‘ in the basement smiling at her. “What’s with all the urban legends coming true today?” she said to herself.

Calmly, she ‘praised’ how beautiful the clown statue was and quickly walked out of the house. She could hear the psychotic clown killing her nephew but she couldn’t care less. To her, she had read enough horror stories to know what to do. She was driving when suddenly she heard someone getting up from her backseat. Cursing for the third time, she regretted not checking her backseat before entering the car. However, she could still save herself. Opening her door, she jumped out of her car like it’s something she does every day. The car crashed into a tree after driving for a few miles.

Five hours later, she reached home after taking an Uber. After taking her bath, she looked at the mirror and laughed. “Maybe bloody mary will kill me,” she said out loud. As she was sleeping that night, she could feel her dog licking her hand. That was when she realised it is not Bloody Mary that will kill her. “I hate Urban Legends,” she said as the psychopath under her bed stabbed her to death. In the basement, it is written, “Human can lick too”.

Thank you for reading today’s post. Obviously this is only a way of me expressing how stupid these Urban Legends are. If you want to get notified when I post something new, follow me on twitter.



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