NOTE: THIS IS JUST MY OPINION  and fairies aren’t real.

You probably think that fairies are cute thing creatures which fly around with their tiny cute wings. They allegedly bring joy and happiness to people’s life. You probably cried when Tinker Bell ‘died’ in Harry Potter but you probably won’t if Disney told you Tinker Bell probably helped Harry Potter to carry dead children’s spirit to ‘heaven’. Disney ruined your minds. Fairies are demons and here is why:


1. They are baby stealers. There are some “stories” (particularly during the medieval times) telling that certain types of fairies kidnaps human’s baby and replaces them with ‘fairy child’. It’s done because these fairies think that it is more ‘respectable’ to be raised by humans (because we are far more superior obviously) and that they wanted to give their own children a human upbringing. However, it is only possible to ‘kidnap’ these babies if they weren’t baptised yet. These ‘Fairy Children’ will return to their ‘fairy family’ if they remembered that they are ‘fairies’ (how can you forget?) however, the human babies won’t be returning to their families because they were probably killed.


2. Fairies kill children. Allegedly, if you upset fairies by making them sad, annoyed or angry, chances are, they will kill you.

3. They kidnap women particularly mothers to serve as nursemaids. There is a poem called The Fairy Nurse which tells a story of a mother that was kidnapped by fairies and was allowed to return at night to feed her kid. It is also told in many more old folks’ tale which explained that these fairies will kidnap these mothers and replace them with kind of a doppelganger which would later die. After years, they will be allowed to return to their family and if their husband had married someone else, they will need to divorce their second wife.


4. They make you do stupid and evil things. In the Scottish and Irish folklore, there is a fairy called Sluagh who are the spirits of the ‘restless’ dead. These spirits are not accepted into heaven or into hell. It is believed that they would enter into the houses or dying people to take their soul away. They also kidnap innocent souls and once you are kidnapped, you will be forced to shoot people or animals with arrows. Occasionally, they will drop you off from great heights (for fun).

Thank you for reading today’s posts. Honestly, I decided to write about fairies because I ran out of ideas. This won’t happen again lol.


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