Note : This is just my opinion. 


Santa is always associated to Saint Nicholas who is a Christian bishop in Lycia (somewhere in Turkey). He was known as someone who gave gifts to the poor. He is always depicted as a bearded man in canonical robes and no, it wasn’t red and white. So, no. Santa Claus is not Saint Nicholas.

Why is Santa Claus red and white? It’s because Coca Cola ran an advertisement in 1930 where they drew a fat Santa wearing red with a large belt. Coca Cola ‘created’ Santa and of course, they are denying it. Why would they do it? For the money of course. From 1929 to 1939, the US suffered from what’s known as The Great Depression. Despite that, Coca Cola managed to sell 27.8 million gallons of coke which generated a profit of $13.5 million because you know why. Kids love Santa.


Now that we know Santa isn’t Saint Nicholas, so, is he Satan? Santa is said to own dozens of Elves who make toys in his ‘factory’ at the north pole. It is calculated that in the ever growing world population that Santa needs around 85851 elves to create four toys in an hour. Where does he get all these Elves? There is a possibility that Santa kidnaps kids who are ‘naughty’ and bring them to the North Pole, imprisoning them at his factory forever. Even if they are actually some group of 85851 volunteers, they need to work non-stop without ever getting paid. This is slavery. Of course, this theory is stupid because Santa isn’t real but kids shouldn’t ‘love’ someone like this.

If you randomly go around and pick up kids or even touched them, you will get a restraining order or even worst, getting locked up. But guess who will get away with it? Santa. You will see many many kids sitting on ‘Santa’s’ lap at some malls, telling him what they want for Christmas. This is really disgusting and disturbing. How could you let your kid sit on some stranger’s lap? Even worst, Santa gives your kids candies. In the US, there are many cases of drug dealers getting caught dressing up as Santa Claus. “Ho ho ho! Have some drugs for Christmas!”

There are also some religious Christian groups that said Santa is created to ‘divert’ people from the true reason of why Christians celebrate Christmas which is celebrating the birth date of Jesus Christ. It is unarguable that during Christmas, everyone will only think about Santa. Kids want to meet Santa and their parents want to be Santa. During Christmas, company’s Sales will increase tremendously because of this. Kids want toys because they had been good for the whole year (allegedly). There is no doubt, that Santa is just a tool used in this Capitalist world by some people to gain profit.

Also, some people claim that if you mix the letters in Santa, it will spell out Satan. But of course that just a ridiculous theory or is it? If you are honest about Santa Claus, you would say that it is a fat man wearing all red but a huge sack who breaks into your house in the middle of the night. Logically, if you did see someone huge in your house at midnight, you will freak out. Guess who else loves to freak people out in the middle of the night? SATAN.

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