Let’s Talk About Déjà Vu



Déjà Vu is a French word which translates to already seen, which means that you have a strong feeling that you had already experience a particular event or some kind of a phenomenon in the past. For example, if you attended a wedding ceremony and felt like you had attended it before and you feel like you know what will happen next, that means that you are experiencing déjà vu.

Generally, there are three types of Déjà Vu:

  1. The first type is Déjà Veçu. Déjà Veçu is when you felt that you are experiencing had already occurred in the past. Most people experiences this type of Déjà Vu.
  2. The second type is Déjà Senti. Déjà Senti is when you felt like you had already had certain type of emotion. It is like saying “I had already felt this”.
  3. The last type is Déjà Visité. Déjà Visité is when you are able to know a place without being there before. This includes being able to get to that place without any assistance despite not having been there before.

Many Déjà Vu cases are ‘harmless’ meaning the person who experiences it will only feel a little bit confused or even stressed out. Unfortunately, some cases of Déjà Vu is very serious (especially if it is a repetitive case) to the point where the person who experiences it became depressed. There is a rather famous case of Déjà Vu where a 23 year old British man kept on experiencing it.

He would have these Déjà Vu episode which lasts for minutes or longer and each time, theDéjà Vu experiences grows more and more intense that after 3 years, he couldn’t even watch the television or read the newspaper. (Click here to read the news report). It is said that anxiety might be causing his serious ‘episodes’ of Déjà Vu but according to the medical report there is not enough evidence to conclude it. The report did say that the man took Lysergic Acid Diethylamide (LSD) once and then the Déjà Vu ‘episodes’ started:

Screen Shot 2017-07-27 at 8.34.47 PM

Therefore, some guess that it was caused by the hallucination which is caused by LSD. I must say, the sources for this news article is indeed debatable because at the website where the medical report was posted, anyone can post it there. You only need to register and since they didn’t show the man’s name or picture or any proof that he is ‘real’ I couldn’t tell if this news article is genuine because you know, fake news and stuff:Screen Shot 2017-07-27 at 8.43.40 PMScreen Shot 2017-07-27 at 8.43.49 PM

Experiencing Déjà Vu is not something you should be scared of because there are many scientific explanation for it. One explanation is that it is caused by some kind of a ‘glitch’ in your memory which I cannot explain here (because I just can’t). There are some logical explanation of why you experienced it. Maybe you had travel to somewhere similar before and therefore, your memory got all mixed up or maybe you travel a lot and don’t remember where you had been which means you had been there before it is just you can’t remember.

Some people however, believes that Déjà Vu proves that the world is a simulation and they claimed that after we die, our life restarts on its own and we ‘relive’ through it again. They also claim that maybe it is caused by some kind of a ‘glitch’ in the system which causes some things you repeat itself without us realising it. It might also be possible that whoever is ‘playing’ us decided to restart the ‘part’ that we had gone through because they did something wrong and had to start over. This idea isn’t that far-fetched because in video games, we too need to restart some ‘parts’ or ‘chapters’ because we did something wrong.

Some other people claimed that Déjà Vu proves the existence of past life, which means, after we die, we will be reincarnated. They say, that sometimes, we do remember a bit about our past lives which would explain why we felt like we had done ‘that thing’ before. (You can click here to read more my previous article on past lives). Interestingly, some people came up with the theory that we experience Déjà Vu because we got ‘teleported’ to another parallel universe. In their version of the parallel universe, if you ‘died’ in one of the universes, ‘you’ will get replaced by another ‘you’ from another parallel universe. This ‘other you’ from the other universe had already did that thing before but forget it after it replaces the ‘dead you’ (This sounds completely baloney, I know).

Well, that’s about it for Déjà Vu. Thank you for reading this blog post and please follow me on Twitter to get notified when I post something new. Also, if you don’t mind, please check out my Patreon page.


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