Lucid dreaming, Astral Projection and Sleep Paralysis (Part 3)

In this post, I will talk more about Lucid Dreaming and Astral Projection and also a little bit about how these things are related to each other. Note: Some of these are only theories which I do not ‘endorse’.


Lucid Dreaming:

As you already know, Lucid Dreaming is when you are aware that you are dreaming. It may sound harmless, but some people came out to the internet saying that it is very dangerous to experience Lucid Dreaming because they had had some scary experiences while having a Lucid Dream. The most common ‘problem’ is that they cannot control their dreams especially when it gets bad.

Some lucid dreams are nightmares and when lucid dreamers have these nightmares, they will try to change it to make it “better” but some of them couldn’t (especially those who had just started experiencing it). Being aware that you are dreaming during a nightmare and not being able to do anything about it is kind of scary because if for example you dreamt about getting strangled by some kind of a demon, in this situation, you are helpless and you are frustrated because you know it is all a dream but couldn’t do anything about it.

These leads to some people to believe that Lucid Dreaming is the work of Satan who is trying to scare you. According to them, satan came into your dream after you realised that you are only dreaming and started scaring you to make you feel helpless and this thing is repetitve with the only objective of turning you into a ‘disbeliever’. Some people even reported that they are being attacked by satan during a lucid dream and when they wake up, they can see actual scares and scratches on their hands.

Others reported that they are having repetitive “False Awakening” after a lucid dream meaning they will continue to ‘wake up’ several time before actually waking up. At some point, they need to be really sure that they had really wake up from their ‘loops of false awakening’.  Obviously, these causes some serious sleeping disorder where people are too afraid of going to sleep and it causes many religious people to conclude that Lucid Dreaming and False Awakening is indeed the work of the devil.

For me, I do not believe that it is the devil’s work because if it really wants to scare you in your sleep, you don’t have to be a lucid dreamer. Nightmares are experienced by everyone regardless if you are a lucid dreamer or not. Furthermore, even “non lucid dreamers” had reported of seeing the devil or satan in their dreams and waking up with unexplained scratches on parts of their body. When you have a dream of getting chased or strangled by some kind of a demon, you would feel helpless whether you are aware that is it a dream or not. So no, I don’t believe that it is caused by the devil.

There are some people who argue that if some people are aware that you they are dreaming while they are sleeping, it means that we are all living in a dream all the time which means we are just a simulation. I couldn’t find more information about this apart from the fact that people think when we go to sleep at night, it just means that we are in another simulation and the only difference between the simulation at night and in the day is that we are not “conscious” at night but is during the day. If you don’t understand what I meant, it’s ok because I don’t understand it too. I won’t give any “personal” comments about this theory because it would be biased cause as I said on my “The World is Just a Simulation” article, I refused to believe that the world is just a simulation.

Astral Projection:

If you still don’t know what Astral Projection is, you can either read my previous post or this wikipedia article (or both). In short, Astral Projection is when you ‘see yourself’ while you are sleeping. There is no scientific proof that Astral Projection is real, so there no scientific explanation for it.

Like Lucid Dreaming, some people believes that it is the work of the devil himself. This is to either scare you are trap your soul. Some people did say that they had seen the devil and satan on the astral plane. This cause some religious person to condemn the act of Astral Projecting as the work of the devil and claimed that nobody should be allowed to do it because they claimed it to be very harmful to the person who does it. NOTE: I AM NOT CONDEMNING ANY RELIGION HERE NOR AM I PROMOTING ANY.

Some people believes that like Lucid Dreaming, Astral Projection proves that the world is only a simulation. My personal theory is that if the world is a simulation, then, Astral Projection could be some kind of a glitch where the “player” couldn’t connect to your body and is stuck in some place where the “player” can move but not touch stuff. This may sound crazy but you need to remember that during Astral Projection, you can only see your body lying on your bed somewhere but you still don’t know how your “spirit” looks like. There is no prove that your “spirit” has the same “image” as your body. When you “reenter” your body, it is actually just the “player” reconnecting to your body. There is a glitch in games where after you are “dead”, you can still move around and walk pass anything like people or walls. I believe this theory would explain why people feel exhausted or even can’t breathe after an Astral Projection episode. Or Astral Projection could in fact only be some hallucination and I am just over-reacting.

Sleep Paralysis:

If you don’t know what Sleep Paralysis is, you can either read my post on it or this wikipedia article. Basically, it is when you cannot move your body but you are “awake”.
Some people believe that you can turn an episode of Sleep Paralysis into a Lucid Dream or even better, Astral Projection. In fact, some people believe that during a sleep paralysis episode, your spirit, is “One-Step Away” from exiting your body. Here is what you should do if you experience Sleep Paralysis and want to turn it into either a Lucid Dream or Astral Projection:

  1. Keep Calm. I know that during sleep paralysis, you will start to panic because you may start hallucinating and all that but if you are able to “sense” that you are experiencing sleep paralysis, you might be able to calm down.
  2. Close your eyes, breathe normally and go back to sleep. During a sleep paralysis episode, you are literally still ‘sleeping’ so it wouldn’t be hard to fall back to sleep. Obviously, you need to skip this step if wish to turn your nightmarish sleep paralysis episode into an Astral Projection.
  3. If you skipped step 3, (allegedly this really works) you need to close your eyes and start to move your hands or some other parts of your body using your mind. You will also need to try to “detach” your soul from your body by again, using your mind to imagine getting out of your body.

WARNING: THE STEPS ABOVE ARE NOT PROFESSIONAL ADVICE. TRY IT AT YOUR OWN RISK also, they don’t really work on the first try so you will need many sleep paralysis episode to practice. Unfortunately, many people only experiences it once their whole life.

Thank you for reading today’s post. This is not the last part of this “series” because I might add some new stuff and name it part 4 (you know, for more views) somewhere in the future but not tomorrow. Also, tomorrow I might add a new page on my blog please check it out. And as always please follow me on twitter so you will get notified when I post something new.





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