The World Is Just A Simulation 

Note: This is only a theory. I am not at all saying that I believe in these theories. If you somehow get ‘triggered’ or something by this kind of thing please don’t read it.


Recently, many scientist and physicists had been trying to answer one big question which is: Are we living in a simulation? Some of them are already convinced that we are just living in a computer simulated world that is controlled by some “superior” being. These “superior” being varies from intelligent extra-terrestrial life or just us humans ‘from the future’.

Elon Musk (who is a genius by the way and the CEO of Tesla. If you don’t know who he is click here) said that he believes there is a billion to one chance that we are living in base reality which means he thinks that there is very little probability that we are not a simulation.

Basically, he said that the game technology is advancing so fast that in a few hundred years, we will able to create simulations that doesn’t even know that they were simulated. If it does turn out that we are able to create such technology, there is a high possibility that it is already done in the future and we are just a simulation who believes that we are real.

If you really think about it, it might be true because a few years ago, when I was a kid, the most popular games available were Pac-Man and Tetris and now the game technology is so advanced that we are able to create augmented realities like the Pokemon Go game and even virtual realities game.


There are some reasons why people think that we do live in a simulation. Firstly, it would explain the Mandela Effect. If you still don’t know what the Mandela Effect is, it is basically remembering something that isn’t real/never existed or remembering something differently from what it really is. If you want to know more about it you can read my previous article if you haven’t already. They believe if we indeed live in a simulation, it would explain why something was ‘different’ in the past than it is now which is obviously caused by some kind of a glitches.


Glitches are something that is normal in computer or online games. Sometimes, you got stuck in one place or something randomly appeared from nowhere. Some people believe that they did in fact captured these ‘glitches’ in our world.

Here are some reasons of why we might be a simulation:

  1. Videos of things not moving

There is a video recorded and uploaded on YouTube of what seemed like a family in a car when they spotted a plane hanging in mid-air and so they started recording it. To me the video does seemed real but maybe it’s not.

(Click *here* to watch the video)

2. Things caught on camera appearing from nowhere.

In this first video (click here to watch it) it appears as if someone appeared from nowhere. In this second video (click here to watch it) a car appeared from nowhere at some intersection in Russia. To me, these videos seemed very real and both the person and the car did seemed to appear from nowhere like it was teleported there. In the movie the Matrix, that is how a simulation starts. You just appear out of nowhere and that makes these two videos really scary. There are many more videos like this on YouTube of people, cars and even animals appearing out of thin air.

3. You can actually see yourself ‘glitching’

To do this, you will only need a mirror. What you want to do is stand or sit in front of it. Then, you need to look in between your eyes and focus until your face blurs out. Then you need to generate any emotion (happy, sad or whatever). If you did it correctly, you will see your face ‘changes’. For example, your face will get stretched or your eyes will be bigger.

Click here to watch the video on how to do it.

4. The Glitch in the Matrix Subreddit

There are many stories in the Glitch in the Matrix subreddit of people experiences what they think to be ‘glitches’ in their life. Here are some summaries of some of the stories.

(a) “My Cat is Still Alive and my family laugh at me“. This post is written by someone who was watching a YouTube video when suddenly, her cat went missing and she found it lying dead on the road after getting hit by a car. She went to sleep crying at 4:45 a.m. and that night, she had the same dream repetitively and when she really woke up, only 5 minutes had passed. She was confused because her dreams usually lasts for 2 hours minimum. In the morning, her parents told her that her cat is still alive and that thing on the road was just a rat. She said that she was confused because she was sure it was her cat.

(b) “Car Glitch“. This post is written by someone who was driving on the highway and she saw a black truck behind her from her rear view mirror and in front of her was a white van. She blinked and the black truck is now in front of her and there is no vehicle behind her car. She was confused because it was a single lane road and she did say it was her second experience.

(c) “Not sure where to post this but I need some input“. This is a post written by someone who heard his fiancé giggling next to him in the bathroom. When he got out, it turned out that she was in the living room and had not been near the bathroom at all. He later explains that at the middle of the night, he heard her playing some video game but when he entered their bedroom, she was asleep.

I am not denying that these stories might be fake but, the way it is written seems that the person who wrote it is very serious about it and they even give out additional details. I personally do not want to believe that I’m living in a simulation because the thought of it is scary. Some people even suggested that the voices in our head are actually the player ‘playing us’ telling ‘us’ what to do. If the world is in fact a simulation, it will explain why some people claimed that they have past lives and some people even remember their “past lives”. It would mean that after we ‘die’ in this simulation, the game restarts as someone else or as the same person which would explain why many people experiences “Déjà Vu”.

If we are indeed a simulation, can we break out from it? Or is there even a ‘reality’ to break into? Tell me what you think in the comment section. Thank you for reading this post and if you like it please follow me on twitter to get notified when I upload a new post.


6 thoughts on “The World Is Just A Simulation 

  1. Well,its an intresting theory..but every theory must be tested scientifically .It may need a lot of researches to prove it right..

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