I almost died for the millionth time

TRIGGER WARNING: This is only my opinion. If you are triggered by such thing please send your complain letter *HERE* (for real) or you don’t need to read it at all. Since you are already here please check out my twitter and please follow me because I try to post something new every day.


If there is one thing in the world that annoys me it would be these YouTubers dying every single day. You can literally type in the words “I almost died” in the YouTube search box and you will see many stupid Youtuber ‘crying’ in their thumbnail like the one I placed here. I know they need to clickbait to earn money but is it worth it to embarrass yourself just for a few more views? I don’t think so.

There are some Youtubers that is really genuine about their ‘almost dying’ storytelling time but most of them are either FAKE or really stupid. One of them (not saying the name) got scratched by a cat and decided to turn it into a dramatic storytelling time like it is something that is really HUGE. Another Youtuber got pranked and decided to name it “I almost died” because why not? People would click on it, ads would play and they will earn money lying to people.

I don’t know what is so ‘rewarding’ about lying to earn money. I mean you should make Youtube videos if you love to make youtube videos not because someone told you that you should or not because you just want to earn money by faking everything and lying to millions of people who watches your video. I write blogs and novels not for the money but because I love to write. (I love praising myself). Plus, there are many Youtubers who really love doing YouTube videos like Shane Dawson for example, and you can tell that these Youtubers are really enjoying it.

I have a serious questions for these “almost dead” Youtubers. Do they even know what almost died means? Do they really know how serious death is? I agree that you can say you almost died if you were involved in an accident and you broke your bones or you were stranded in some island alone with no food for days. Almost died does not mean getting scratched by a cat and then telling the whole world that you were almost eaten by a tiger. Almost died doesn’t mean tripping over something, falling down and breaking your hand. Almost died doesn’t mean getting pranked by your friends and claiming they almost killed you when it was literally harmless.

I don’t know about you but to me, these kind of YouTubers are insulting people who actually almost died. There are many people in the world who are battling cancer, dying of hunger, dying in war zones ,etc. What makes you think you are so special? You aren’t. I think it is really sad when a story about someone battling cancer got lesser ‘views’ than some stupid click baiting YouTube video.

Death is something serious. It is not something to use to earn money. You need to realise that death involves actual people dying. They die and they don’t return to say that it was just a prank. These YouTubers really need to know that some people are very sensitive to the word ‘death’ because they actually lost someone they know or they had lost many people in their live. Faking something or lying about something or even over-dramatising something involving death isn’t funny and it is not ok. You shouldn’t post something like ‘almost died’ that will over-shadow a serious story about someone who is actually dying because these people need serious help but you don’t.

Finally I just want to say that these fake ‘almost dying’ madness needs to stop because as I said before dying is a serious thing not something that you should use to earn money because it is serious disgusting to do so. Thank you for reading my post and please follow me on twitter because I try to post something new single day. 



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