Let’s talk about sleep paralysis 

sleep paralysis 7Disclaimer: These are just my opinions and theories about the sleeping disorder called sleep paralysis. I’m not in any way saying these are facts.

Sleep paralysis is basically when you are ‘wake up’ from your sleep but is not able to move any parts of your body no matter how much you try. Most people who experiences sleep paralysis said that they remember not being able to move and that they feel like something is pressing against their body. They also said that they see figures standing at their bed, or even scarier, a figure right in front of their face. If you ever experience sleep paralysis, basically it will last around 1-2 minutes although some had reported it lasting for more than 10 minutes. As someone who had just experienced it, I totally agree that it is very very scary because you feel useless like you are already dead.

The scientific explanation about sleep paralysis is that your brain ‘wakes’ up during the Rapid Eye Movement phrase (R.E.M.). This is the phase in your sleep where you will start to have dreams. Your eyes are open but you cannot move your body because your body is literally still sleeping. Honestly, I did rather believe in this explanation because it is the less scary explanation compared to the others. I won’t be talking much about the scientific explanation for this because this isn’t the propose of me writing this blog post.

Before there was a scientific explanation for it, people thought that it had something to do with demons or satan. They believed that these demons sit on you which is why you cannot move your body. Although this may sound stupid, but as someone who believes in ghosts and demons, I find it hard to dismiss this as pure baloney. I don’t really know why the demons would want to sit on you but then again, demons are known for trying to scare people. However, I heard a theory once that demons tries to scare the ‘believers’ because it wants you to be a ‘disbeliever’.

Honestly, if demons are the cause, it would pretty much explain why many people see figures when they have sleep paralysis. I mean there is literally hundreds of stories of people seeing figures at their bed and at some corner of their room. That is how demons or ghosts scare you after all. There is even a story on Reddit about a guy you caught something in his snapchat of what looks like the creature he saw during his sleep paralysis episode. Of course some researchers said that it is all just a hallucination, the idea of an actual ghost sitting on you isn’t too far-stretched because people are already reporting seeing ghosts every day and there are hundred of ghost ‘haunting’ stories. Sleep paralysis might as well just be a way of ghosts to scare you.

Since I had my first episode of Sleep Paralysis this morning after a long time, I had been thinking about it all day because I find this thing freaky but amusing at the same time. I do have a bizarre theory about why this thing happens. First, there is a theory that parallel universes and alternate realities exists. I had been thinking about maybe this thing is cause when you suddenly ‘entered’ another parallel universe during your sleep either by means of transportation or some ‘accidental’ stuff happened.

I have this theory because when I had my sleep paralysis, I could hear someone calling for me to come down. It was then I opened my eyes but couldn’t move. I heard someone coming up the stairs and open my bedroom door and that was when I finally ‘woke up’ and all the noises disappeared. That what made me thinking that maybe I was ‘transported’ to another universe and I somehow became a ‘ghost’ in ‘their world’. I know this sounds completely rubbish but that’s how most ghosts hauntings work. You see someone standing or lying somewhere and when you came closer, they disappear. (I am not saying that I believe in parallel universes or something)

When I was googling about sleep paralysis I came across an article titled ‘Sleep paralysis may help to explain alien abductions (That may not be the actual title. I didn’t read it.). I find this theory interesting because Sleep Paralysis are related to hallucinations. This might explain why in most Alien Abduction stories, many people say that they connect move at all and after that, they just woke up in their bed. Then I thought that what if aliens are the reasons for sleep paralysis. Maybe they have some technologies to make you unable to move to carry out experiments on you and while they do carry out these experiments, they gave you something that will cause you to hallucinate to prevent you from seeing what they are actually doing to you. I sound crazy now.

So that’s my ‘theories’ about why some people experiences sleep paralysis. I know some of it sounds really stupid but please forgive me. I just have these weird and strange thoughts sometimes. Lastly I would like to thank you all for reading this and please check out my twitter and follow me.



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