I live in your mirror

Warning: This story contains words like murder and stab. If you are sensitive to these kind of stuff, please don’t read it. This is just a story. 

Julia woke up at 3:00 a.m. to a scratching sound coming from inside her closet. She had never believed in ghosts so, she thought it was an intruder. But then, if it was an intruder she would had heard the alarm going off. She thought to herself, “Who would stay in the closet in the 21st century?”. After giving it a moment of consideration, she decided to give it a check. Just in case. She opened the closet door and obviously nobody was in it.

“Mommy, there’s someone in my closet,” she heard her daughter say. “Stay here,” she replied to her daughter as she walked to the child’s room. It was then she realised her daughter was dead 8 months ago. She stood frozen to the ground as she heard someone laughing. That someone turned out to be the ghost living in her closet. She could feel claws wrapping around her neck. That was when she woke up from her dream.

Awake, she looked at her mirror to see her alarm clock which didn’t ring yet. She still had an hour left if she wanted to continue her sleep. Suddenly, she remembered the Bloody Mary game which is something she wanted to try since a long time. She got up, and stood in front of the mirror. She closed all the lights and began chanting. “Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary”. Nothing happened. “This is stupid,” she said to herself and went to take her shower. Two hours later, she arrived at her work place.

It was near midnight when she started driving home. She didn’t mind it because it was her last day of work before her ‘holidays’. She was driving peacefully when she saw a car with no lights on. Being the good samaritan that she is, she flashed her highlights to warn the car because sometimes, people just forgets to do stuff. The car immediately stopped and made a U-Turn. It quickly followed her car with the lightlights on. Freaking out, Julia speed up but the car seemed to be faster. She could had sworn that she felt the car banging into hers but after the opened the eyes, there was nothing. She was alone at the middle of the road. Dazed, she went outside to check her car. As she closed her door, she saw a reflection of someone in white behind her. Her screams was heard miles away.

The next morning, Julia woke up in her bed. She could not remember how she got home. It was 10:30 a.m. when she woke up but it’s alright because she didn’t have to go to work. She wanted to continue to sleep but she remembered that her nieces were coming over in half an hour. She quickly took her shower and started to cook lunch. Ten minutes later, her nieces arrived and they quickly hugged her. She loves them dearly and they love her too.

“Can I go out to play?” her younger niece, Angela asked her. “Yes dear. But you need to bring your sister along,” Julia replied. “And don’t forget to come back inside before 7,” she continued. “Why?” Angela asked. “Because there is a ghost called the snatcher. She will kidnap kids who play outside after 7:00p.m,” she replied. “Tell me more about Miss Snatcher,” Angela demanded. “Miss Snatcher was an old lady who lived by her own. She didn’t have any kids and she was lonely. Her husband left her one night to marry a beautiful rich girl from the big city. They say because she died of loneliness, her spirit wanders around the neighbourhood and kidnaps kids and force them to stay with her,” Julia said. Her niece went outside feeling a little bit scared.

At 7:00 p.m after the nieces didn’t come back inside, she concluded that they don’t believe the story she made up to scare them. “Angela!” she shouted. “Come inside! It’s time for dinner!” she shouted even louder this time. Nobody replied. Annoyed, she went outside. To her horror, the ‘snatcher’ is real. Her nieces were nowhere to be found. After an hour of frantically knocking on doors, she decided to call the police. She was half way through explaining her emergency when she heard giggles of what sounded like her nieces upstairs. Angry, she ended the call and stormed into the room.

“Auntie Julia, come play with us,” she heard Angela’s voice but there was nobody in the room. Julia opened the closet she started screaming like crazy when she saw someone inside. “Boo!” it shouted and Julia fell to the ground. The thing started to crawl towards her, with its mouth wide open revealing two long bloody fangs. Julia couldn’t do anything as the creature started to choke her with its long nails. “Remember me?”. “No,” Julia said in a voice that is barely heard. “Im the thing who lives in your mirror” the thing replied merrily and it disappeared.

“HELP!” she heard her nieces screaming downstairs. She went outside to the ugly sight of her nieces getting eating by the ‘snatcher; that she made up. “Why is this happening to me!?” she shouted as she started to cry. “Bloody Julia, Bloody Julia, Bloody Julia….” she heard someone chanting. All of her hairs behind her back stood up immediately. She entered her room and stood in front of the mirror that she used to summon Bloody Mary. “Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary,” she chanted. After she opened her eyes, Bloody Mary stood in front of her. “Nice to finally meet you Julia,” Bloody Mary said like it was a normal conversation. “What do you want from me!” Julia screamed. “Well, you see, I had been living in your mirror this whole time. I want out,” Mary replied. “You will stay in there!” Julia replied angrily.

“Auntie Julia! Help me!” she saw her niece calling for her inside the mirror. Julia thought she was going crazy but she stepped into the mirror to save Angela. That was when she realised it was a trap. From inside the mirror, she could see Bloody Mary taking her form as her two niece who appeared from nowhere started to hug the ‘new her’. From that day onwards, she was known as the person who lives in your mirror. Legend says that at the right time, if you chant “Julia,Julia,Julia” in front of your mirror, she will come out and kill you.



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