ZOZO told me not to write this post

TRIGGER WARNING: This is just my opinion. If you don’t like it, feel free to submit your complain letter to this address *here* or don’t read it at all but before that, since you are already here, check out my twitter and please follow it. For the rest of you who won’t get triggered thank you for being here.


Everyone should know what a Ouija Board is. It’s a piece of wood or plastic or cardboard or whatever which has the alphabets and the number 1-9 written on it. On the top corner to the left or right, there is a YES and NO written and at the bottom there’s a GOODBYE. Some say it’s haunted and others say it’s something you use to contact ghosts or spirits or demon or dead people. Anywhere you go, people will tell you DONT PLAY WITH THE OUIJA BOARD. Heck. There’s even a whole list of things you shouldn’t do while playing the Ouija Board:

  1. Don’t play the Ouija Board at the graveyard.
  2. Don’t lift your fingers of the planchette while playing with the Ouija Board
  3. Etc…..

I don’t have much time to type out all the “DONTS” while playing with the ouija but don’t worry, there’s a whole WikiHow article dedicated for it. Actually, if you don’t trust that article, there’s a book called How to Safely Use The Ouija Board by Daniel Cumerlato, available in paperback version for $6.99 (Daniel, you can thank me later).

Anyhow, I’m here to tell you those rules are baloney cause the Ouija Board is a TOY. It is not some witchy stuff for you to use to contact dead people. You don’t trust me? Check out THIS OUT

Screen Shot 2017-07-18 at 8.42.36 PM

If you don’t know, Toys“R”Us is a n American toy and juvenile-products retailer founded in 1948 and headquartered in Wayne, New Jersey (I copied that from wikipedia lol). While would a toy company sell some ‘witchy board’ to kids? CAUSE IT IS JUST A TOY! Ouija boards aren’t real. Sure, you can find many stories (mainly in YouTube) of people telling ‘their experience’ using the Ouija Board. Most of the time, something bad happened but they don’t really submit any prove to their stories (no live footage etc.)

If you are familiar with the Ouija Board, you must know that you need at least two people to play it. Why do you need at least two people? So that the spirits have more friends?? And why do you even need to place your hands on the planchette? If there is a spirit or demon, it should be able to move the planchet on its own since they are already known for moving things around. There is even a National Geographic video on YouTube of the “Spirits losing the ability to Spell” when a group of people close their eyes while using the Ouija Board.( Click here to watch the video). All these “Ouija Board believers” need to know about something called Ideomotor Effect. It is basically when you unconsciously move parts of your body and in the case of the Ouija Board, people who used it experiences this phenomenon where they unconsciously moves the planchette.

There is also this alleged Ouija Board demon named Zozo. Like Voldemort, you aren’t supposed to pronounce his name. I don’t know how to explain how stupid this is. The whole thing is fake. ZOZO ISN’T REAL. It is all made up. This this article to find out more. Yet, there are many YouTubers screaming that Zozo ‘came to them’ through the Ouija Board. (Maybe I should make another post about Youtubers and their endless click baiting). I’m not saying that ghosts doesn’t exist. In fact, I believe that they do exist but Zozo is stupid.

Share this blog post if you agree with me that all these Ouija Board nonsense needs to stop. Also please leave your comments and follow me on Twitter. I try to write a new blog post everyday. Goodbye for now and don’t let ZOZO suck you into the Ouija Board. If you are unhappy about me telling you the Ouija Board is fake, here’s an actual complain from. If you still want to play the Ouija Board for fun, that’s ok with me as long as you don’t die lol. But I would say, although is it fake but sometimes when you call or ask for something, it really comes so don’t waste your money on a piece of cardboard. Also, I randomly came across that book. I don’t know who Daniel is.






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