The man asking for a plastic bag (Short Story)

Warning: If you are offended by words like murder, blood, killed or die then don’t read this. Also this is just a fictional short story. Everything is made up. Ok, here’s the story:

Chapter 1

Julia was sleeping when she heard someone knocking on the door. She get up thinking it was her husband but she didn’t realised that her husband had already returned home and he was sleeping beside her. At 3:00 a.m., she was too exhausted to notice anything. She opened the door to be greeted by a man who was smiling from ears to ears. “What do you want?” she asked shockingly, regretting that she had not checked through the peep hole first before opening the door. “Ma’am, can I have a plastic bag?” the man asked, grinning like a psycho. “Wait here,” she said and quickly locked the door. Then, she went to the kitchen, and quickly grabbed a plastic beg that was lying on the door. She opened the door and gave it to the man. The next morning, her husband found her dead body in front of the door. Her head was inside the plastic beg, smiling from ears to ears.

Chapter 2

Alice cursed as she dropped the pin to the floor. She wasn’t sure why she brought the pin with her to bed but she had an argue to stick it to the curtains. “You do weird things when you are old,” she said to herself. As she picked up the pin, she heard someone banging on the gate. At first she ignored it, thinking it was the cat. But, the banging persisted, so , she had to get up to see who it was. I looked at the clock and it was exactly 3:00 a.m., so, she decided not to open the door to see who was at the gate. Instead, she looked out through the window. She nearly scream as she saw a psychotic looking man outside. He saw her and started to talk but before she could her anything, she had already shut the window.

The next morning, she decided to inspect her gate because she could hear banging throughout the night. She was shocked to see that the psychotic man had managed to break the lock. She wanted to call the cops but knew it was useless. Last week, she called them saying someone was holding a knife at the gate but all they said was, “Nobody died so we cannot do anything,”. She decided to ask her neighbours where they got those big locks. In the evening, when her grandson come to pay her his daily visit, he almost break his leg when he accidentally dropped the lock on his foot.

At night, she waiting anxiously to see if the man would return. After 4 hours of waiting, she concluded that the man wouldn’t be returning and so, she went to sleep. The next day, she woke up at noon to the sound of police sirens. She opened the door as a police officer called her name. She didn’t question how he know her name because nowadays, the police knows everything. “Did you hear anything last night?” he asked her to which she replied no. “What happened next door?” she asked him, curious to see all the commotion. The police man was about to answer her when the saw the head inside the plastic bag. She fainted after screaming for about 10 minutes.

Alice woke up in the hospital and quickly asked the doctors if she could go home. They agreed because she wasn’t really injured or anything. Her grandson dropped her home and left 2 hours later after she had told him to install another lock on the door. He did tell her to come live with them but she rejected. At night, Alice took a large knife to bed. The police said they will stay outside to prevent anything from happening. Suddenly, she heard something from inside the cupboard. It sounded like someone talking. She decided that at 78 years old,  she was strong enough to kill anyone inside the cupboard. She opened it to see a head smiling at her. It was hanging by a thread. “Boo!” it said.

The police came running into the house (presumedly they broke the door) because they heard her screams. They saw Alice on the floor, screaming and crying and laughing at the same time. They couldn’t find any intruder or any head in her house. They did advised her to go to her daughter’s house for the night but she refused because she didn’t want anyone to think that she was going crazy. “I won’t go anywhere,” she said firmly. Somehow, she managed to fall asleep, feeling relaxed that the police are outside.

Chapter 3

One year later, Alice had forgotten everything. She had even forgotten about her dead neighbour, the smiling head and the creepy man. One night, she was watching the television when someone banged on the door. “Do you have a plastic bag, Ma’am?” she heard someone said. Blood rushed through her veins as she quickly recognised the face. The locked back the door and called her daughter. Her daughter brought her husband and their son, ready to give the freak pieces of her mind for disturbing an old lady. Her daughter, Cathy, was ready to beat the creep up because one, it is 3:00 a.m. and two, she wanted to sleep so badly.

The freak was gone when Cathy got there but she still stayed there just incase he got back. He did got back. Cathy was sleeping when she saw someone standing by the door go her room. Thinking it was her son, she didn’t pay attention. “Can I have a plastic bag, Ma’am it said. Cathy got up instantly and started to throw a vase at the man. He was it by it but didn’t move. “Please Ma’am, I need a plastic bag,” he said, smiling from ears to ears, revealing his long, yellow teeth. “Give me a plastic bag!” he screamed, choking her. She couldn’t move but luckily her husband came into the room and stabbed the freak with a knife. She could still see his large eyes staring at her to this day.

Chapter 4

Alice was finally about to sleep peacefully. It had been a year since the plastic bag man was killed by her son in law. That day, she actually felt very tired and excited to sleep on her new bed. She still kept a knife by her bed, “Just in case,” she said when someone asked her why. She read a book until her hands and eyes got very tired. She switch off the lamps and closed her eyes. She felt someone touching her shoulder, asking, “Ma’am, can I have a plastic bag?” They say. To this day, you can still see her walking around her neighbourhood, searching for her head in the plastic bag.


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