Really Short Story

Warning: If you are offended by words like murder, blood, killed or die then don’t read this. Also this is just a fictional short story. Everything is made up. Ok, here’s the story:

The chain message

I will be home alone for two weeks because my parents are away since they need to attend some important meeting. I already got used to living alone since I was a kid because my parents are always busy and I am the only child in the family. When I was a kid, being alone means I will watch the TV all day (most probably watching cartoons) but as I grow older, being alone means locking myself up in my room reading novels all day and ordering lots of pizza. Anyway, back to the story.

I was peacefully reading my book when someone sent me a message. It was rather weird because I don’t usually have anyone messaging me because they know I wouldn’t reply no matter what and secondly, it was at midnight. I picked up my phone and saw one of my classmate sending me a message saying “Send this to 20 people or you will die tomorrow”. It was one of  those stupid chain messages that people still believe even though we are living in a “progressive era”. I deleted it because it was stupid and I don’t really have 20 people in my contacts to send it to.

I didn’t know at what time I fell asleep that night but the next morning I woke up at 8:00 a.m. which is 4 hours earlier than I usually wake up. I was making breakfast when there was a knock at the door. I thought it was some postman as usual so, I opened the door without peeking through the peephole. There was an envelope but there was no postman to be seen. “He must had been in a hurry,” I said to myself. I quickly closed the door and opened the envelope. I didn’t realised it didn’t had any address written on it or any recipient. I had just assumed it was meant for me. I immediately regretted it because inside was a piece of paper saying, “I am going to kill you”.

After what felt like hours of me screaming, I finally get back to my senses and think that it was all a joke from my classmate who sent it to me. I ignored he fact that he didn’t know where I lived. Although I was not afraid at all, I still locked all the doors and windows. Actually, I triple locked it because every door came with a triple lock for extra protection in case world war 3 starts. I didn’t call the cops or inform my parents because they will think I was joking and also because it was nothing to be worried about. That turned out to be one of the things that I regretted not doing in life. After making sure everything was triple locked, I took a large knife from the kitchen and locked myself in my room. “Just 12 more days before my parents returns,” I said to myself.

Suddenly, I heard a banging from next door. Since I lived in an apartment, and the walls are rather thin, I just assumed that my neighbour was having some renovation. I was wrong because a scream followed immediately sending chills running  down my spines and into my bones. I quickly picked up my phone, unlocked the door and went outside to help my neighbour in distress. I was ready to call the cops after I heard the second scream. I saw that their door was unlocked, so, I entered and saw nothing. Then it hit me. My neighbour had been dead for 3 years.

I felt sick and I wanted to throw up. That was went the door slammed shut and I screamed as loud as I can. I literally transformed into a chicken. “Get out!” I can hear someone screaming next to me. I didn’t dare to turn my head to see who it was but through my peripheral vision, I can see a dark shadow. I ran faster than anything else towards the door and I was back in my apartment in less than a minute. I quickly locked up everything and hide inside my closet for an hour. After an hour or so, I woke up with an headache and hunger.

I seem to had forgot what had happened and order some pizzas online. Out of the blue, something fell in the kitchen. I tried my best not to wet my pants as I saw a dark figure in the kitchen. “Leave me alone!” I shouted at that thing before I started crying. “You are going crazy,” my inner voice said. The thing came running towards me and I can see it has a huge eye and smiling with huge long fangs. I can also scream as my legs were glued to the floor. As it came really close to my face, it disappeared. I dropped to the floor crying because I don’t know what to do. Then someone knocked on the door. “Pizza delivery!” it said.

I opened the door relieved to see a human being. The delivery man didn’t look surprised to see a crazed man answering the door. He simply smiled and said, “That would be 50 dollars sir,” I wasn’t shocked at the amount because I literally ordered 5 large pizzas. I quickly ran inside and gave him the money. Five minutes later, I was at the kitchen eating pizza. That was when I heard someone came inside through the front door. It was the delivery guy. I looked down at the pizza box and see a note hidden underneath the pizza saying, “You should had forwarded the message”. I stared at the pizza guy in horror as he slit my throat with a knife. Now, I haunt my house, with my huge eyes and long fangs demanding people to forward my message.


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