My thoughts on the 2017 UK election

When I woke up at 5:00 a.m. Malaysian time, I quickly checked the BBC Exit Poll to see what will happen in the UK Election because I love elections. I was excited to see the vote shares of every party, see the seat change and listening to the analysis of what had happened. Of course, while waiting for the Exit Poll, I thought it might show something like Conservatives Majority or Conservatives Landslide everyone was expecting. The last opinion poll did show the Conservatives winning. The first Conservatives landslide since Margaret Thatcher to be exact

Screen Shot 2017-06-09 at 8.43.04 PM

Then, the exit poll came and I saw this:


I started to laugh because Theresa May wanted an increase in the Conservatives Seat. In fact, she was very confident about that. Now, she might not even have a majority at all Then the first projection of the seats came.

Screen Shot 2017-06-09 at 8.40.06 PM

Seeing the Conservatives projected to lose seat instead of winning by a landslide, I decided it would be fun to watch the live election results on my phone. Despite being very sleepy, I didn’t slept at all. About an hour later, the first results came in from Newcastle Central.


Despite being a safe labour seat, the conservatives actually increased their vote share. The second result came in from Sunderland South (safe labour seat) and the conservatives increased their vote share there too. Then I thought to myself, maybe the exit poll is wrong. Even BBC admitted that it might be wrong and they changed the seat projection a few times.

But then, as more results came in, Labour started gaining seats from the Conservatives with huge swings from the conservatives to the labour party.



They even started gaining a few seats from the Scottish National Party (SNP) which was shocking because in 2015, the SNP wipe out the Labour Party in Scotland


To be fair, the conservatives gained many seat in Scotland from the SNP too and they win like a dozen seats in Scotland which had never happened since a long time. It literally safe them from losing way more seats then they had lost.


Lastly, as the labour gained more seats, it was finally concluded that no party will reach the 326 seats majority to form a majority government. IMG_1818

It was fun to see that the opinion polls are once again wrong. It was not the first time they got it wrong. In 2015, every opinion poll said it was going to be a hung parliament but the Conservatives won without a need of coalition. In 2016, the opinion polls said the Remain campaign will win but everyone knew what actually happened. I think they really need to change the polling method by maybe increasing the sample by polling a larger group of people with more diverse age group or something like that.


The final results looks something like this with labour seat coloured in red and conservatives in blue. In my opinion, now that the UK had trigged Article 50 and will start the negotiations to leave the EU, they really need a stable government the kind of government Theresa May had before she called for a snap election. Now, with her forming a minority government, I personally give a 40% chance that the UK will have another election this year and if Theresa May remains as the Prime Minister of the UK, maybe this time she will join the debates. I doubt she would remain to be the Prime Minister but only time will tell.

Thank you for reading and finally, before you go, do you remember this?




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