My first ever blog post


If you haven’t known or realised it already. My name is Muhammad Nasrul Haziq but most people just call me Nasrul. I was born one evening on 13 December 1998 which makes me kind of 19 years old. The only thing I really like to do is to read and write because through reading and writing, I am able to imagine many stuff that prevents me from being bored all the time. After self-publishing two books and kindle, I had decided to start writing a blog to enable me to continue to write and reach out to more people. The real reason why I like to write is that I can write anything I want (even killing people in my stories). It’s like a way to express my anger towards someone. Most of my teachers doesn’t approve of this method especially my principal from High School who was angry because I killed her in one of my stories that I wrote for my Final English Test. She even warned me not to write something like that again but who cares. It’s my story and I can write anything I want. You know dear principal, if I ever find you again, I will say thank you for being angry cause you motivated me to write more.

I will try to post something new everyday. It might be everything from a short story or just a recount of what I did throughout the day. You can follow me on twitter to get notified every time I post something new. Thank you for reading and feel free to post your comments below.





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