My Dearest Friend, Satan

My dearest friend, Satan,

It has been a long time

Since I spoke or seen you

I wonder where you have been

Some people say that for the last 30 days

You were chained hell

For one small and stupid mistake

Which somehow the all loving

Doesn’t seem to forgive

Surely it’s nothing

And surely if I keep on questioning

Someone will take me away

And chain me away

And put me in jail

Dear Satan,

It doesn’t makes sense

That for one small mistake of yours

You are condemned for eternity

Although legend has it

You once prayed at the mountains

Every day and night

And yet there you are

Sitting in hell

Alone and perhaps even in fear

While some people

They murder, rape and steal

But before they die

They somehow repent and accepted god as the almighty

And we praise them for eternity

Praising the lord too

For being all kind and all forgiving

While you

All your previous prayers were useless and even forgotten

Just because you refused to bow to us humans

What harm does it make

Surely it means nothing?

Or does it

Perhaps it’s something I couldn’t understand

Some say I should stop questioning

Because the lord works in mysterious ways

And everything happens for a reason

But how could I stop questioning

There are many people like you

Who used to pray and praise the all loving

Only the be punished

So one day

They couldn’t take it

And they lose their faith

But the society

They don’t understand

And we condemn them to hell

While some will even lose their heads

Dear Satan

People say you’re evil

That somehow all evil originates from you

But God said

Not a single atom moves unless he permits it

So who is the real evil here?

I guess I will never know

But dear Satan,

I just want to let you know

That I will always appreciate it

That you stood up and fought

For the free will you weren’t provided with


Thoughts and Prayers

We love to do one thing

Whenever there’s a shooting, stabbings or bombings

We will say, mostly tweet

Sending thoughts and prayers

Then we feel happy

Because we helped people to move on

From such horrible tragedies

But do you really?

Doesn’t sending thoughts and prayers means nothing

To someone that’s already dead?

Why pray for the dead

When we could have helped them not to be dead?

We love to say things

To make ourselves feel better

But we don’t really care about others

Type amen to save this kid

Even if you don’t donate

They will be ok

We thank God when someone is saved

But we never thanked the firefighters

Nor the doctors

Who actually does the work

We blame natural disasters on the gays

We said it’s because they wanted to get married

Wow what an ass

We cut down trees

And do nothing for the climate change

We blame innocent groups

For our mistakes

But never fear

As long as we keep on typing

Sending thoughts and prayers

Everything will be clear

Even if we sit down and do nothing

Cause the creator

He is somehow all loving

And would come and make everything clear

It’s a Stupid World…

It’s a stupid world we live in

People get away with stealing

But being truthful makes you a nobody

It’s a stupid place we stay in

You can get away with corruption

The more you take the more you win

If you try to go against the flow

Good luck with the show

Of people calling you a so called pro

Who wants nothing but to steal the show

It’s an idiotic place we call home

Where you can get away with killing

But apostasy will get you killed for sure

It’s not a wonderful place here

Where you will suffer

Just because of who you love

But if you’re a bigot

You can get away for sure

Run in any election

And you will win for sure

It’s a stupid world we live in

Where it took ages for some people

To be recognised as humans

Just because of their gender

And who they love

It’s a stupid world we live in

Where we think people need our permission

Just because they are different

It’s a stupid world we live in

Where people believe in nothing but fiction

While facts are called rubbish

And preaching science is called blasphemy

It’s a stupid world I live in

Where I see a lot of people suffer

Just because they don’t fit the category of normal

People can be kind helpful and loving

But if they don’t believe in certain things

We give them the death penalty

But never fear

Sometimes if we’re liberal

We sent them to prison

It’s a stupid world I live in

Where those who wants to live are killed

But those who doesn’t want to live remains

So that they are given more sufferings

But if they choose to die

They will be in hell for eternity

It’s a stupid world I live in

I don’t even know why the hell am I here

They say it’s a test

The one which tests my faith

To show that the creator is all knowing and all loving


It’s a stupid world I live in

Where if I ever call the creator stupid

I wouldn’t be here

Typing this for you to see

It Is Not A Crime…

You said it’s not a crime to be religious

But surely it’s a crime when you forced it onto anyone you wish

You said there’s nothing wrong with being religious

But surely there’s something wrong with it

Because I see people being beaten up

And even killed

Just because they questioned it

You said it’s not a crime not to be religious

Why then is it a crime to question it

Why then are people getting killed for apostasy

Why then are people getting punished for so called blasphemy

Why then are you creating laws

Based on your religious beliefs

That will allow you to force people to follow and believe

When even your religion said it’s forbidden to enforce your beliefs

Is it really?

Because I see nothing but hypocrisy

You said it’s not a crime to be religious

And yet you want to hunt down those who doesn’t have any

You said it’s not a crime to be religious

And yet you kill people just because they want to be

Who they were born to be

You said it’s not a crime to be religious

But why are there so many killings in the name of religion

You tied people up

Opened their mouths and shoved your beliefs

Then you walked away smiling lively

And happily as you turned someone into a zombie

Chanting and praising your God’s name

Chanting and praising your beliefs

Showing it of as a peaceful belief

But you can’t see

The person who blasphemed is you not me

The person who is not practicing a peaceful belief is you not me

The person who enforced something is you not me

So who are you then

To tell me that

It’s not a crime to be religious

When you don’t even know what a crime means

Religion of “Peace”

We are proud of our religion

Everyone calls it the religion of peace

Surely it’s meant for everybody

And surely the followers are all happy

Loving, and full of compassion

It is indeed the religion of peace

But if you insult it

We will come and shoot you dead

If you try to leave

We will come and chop your head

We go around

Spreading love not hate

Telling people to be loving

Tolerant and forgiving

But it’s all hypocrisy, can’t you see?

Once people question something

We attack them not with guns

But with words we told people not to use

With threats we told people they should never make

We effectively block out any form of criticism

Using the damned Islamophobia word

Sometimes we say it’s racist too

But my dear friends

Islam is not a race

And religions are not humans

Its kind of awkward

When we preach peace

But we throw people from buildings just because they want to be who they were born to be

We burn books that teaches people how to think

We try our best to force everyone to follow our teachings

And apostasy is dealt with the death penalty

It seems there’s a new definition of peace in this religion of mine

Perhaps something that I could never see

Touch or feel let alone trying to understand

We classify Muslims that questioned it

As friends of Satan

But when another Muslim across the sea

Blew up people and buildings

We kept quiet and said nothing

We told non Muslims who questioned it to shut up

They know nothing and therefore have no rights to speak

But I don’t need to be a professor

To tell you that one plus two equals three

Perhaps one day the time will come

When we will truly be loving and not hating

And peace really means peace

But until then

I will never agree

That this religion of mine

Is indeed a religion of peace


Many want to live

But they still die

Can’t you see

To live forever and ever

The only way is to wish to die

Then God will keep you alive

Cause why wouldn’t he?

Life is not rainbows and sunshine

Being alive is not a blessing

It’s a trap can’t you see

You are kept alive

For you to endure sufferings

Famine and killings

But never once can you say anything

Or in hell you will be for eternity

What hell?

Isn’t Earth hell enough?

Surely not cause some people are always happy

Then damn you and me

Happiness is a privilege can’t you see

But wait!

Somethings are just unexplainable you see

Because our lord

He works in mysterious ways

Everything that happened

Comes with its own blessings

Where then is the blessing

For cancer in children

Surely the son doesn’t bear the sins of the father

Blasphemy! Blasphemy!

Thou shalt not blaspheme!

Such insult should be dealt

With the death penalty!

Kill me then

Feed me what you fed Socrates

For it would end my life and my sufferings

If it brings me to hell

I no longer care

Because in the hands of an all loving God

Surely he would spare me some forgiving?

The Freedom

We are finally free they said

After many years we will be free

To criticise, to speak and to be heard

For before this we were under a dictator

Who with one strike will push you under

If you ever say something he didn’t want to hear

So out of fear

We let him steal and kill and kept our mouth shut

Of course everyone was unhappy but they weren’t free

Now that dictator was killed

Everyone said they are finally free

As for me it’s all bullshit

For I believe that the freedom to speak

Is not me speaking what the new dictator wants me to speak

But it’s me speaking what he doesn’t want me to speak

And only then I would finally be free