Everyone, everything,
Every human, every being,
Did something in their life,
Something right,
Something wrong,
Maybe not wrong,
Then again maybe it is wrong,
Wrong to say that I never did,
Commit a sin

You, me,
He, she,
They, us, we,
We all commit a sin,
Ignore it or know it,
Ignore it or see it,
See it or feel it,
I know you did,
But not to worry,
Everyone can forget and forgive a sin,
Except maybe when it’s a deadly sin

There’s one sin,
That neither you or me did,
A sin you never knew what you did,
A sin that can’t be seen,
But what’s to worry,
It wasn’t you who did it,
It wasn’t me who did it,
But it’s not the forgiveable sin,
It’s the kind that sticks,
And that sin,
Is the sin of the father,
Haunting you, me,
He, she
Forever and ever.


Goodbye, Dear Neighbour


Goodbye dear neighbour

The world mourns your departure

Of a great man

A man who I wished I knew more

Maybe one day I would regret it

Regret that I never use the chance to know you better

Day night,

I see you almost everyday

I made me jealous

To see you smiling everyday

It seems like there’s no time when you’re sad

Happy all the way

Either that our you really don’t care

About your own feelings

And keep your damned thoughts to yourself

Let others hurt you

Not you hurting the others

It’s a wonder

That I rarely know you

Yet there’s so many things to say

I could list all the great things

The wonderful things that you did

But I always believe

A great man like you

People need to hear not see

Perhaps they even felt it

As I always believed

Some accomplishments are too much, too great to list

Goodbye dear neighbour,

It will be lonely without you here

And verily, you will be missed till forever





My country celebrates it each year

People screaming and yelling each year

Fireworks going off exactly at midnight

More people screaming and yelling

We’re free! We’re free!

But for me

I refuse to celebrate it

What is there in independence?

When some people still live in fear

What’s the meaning of independence?

When people are chained by their religion

Some with no choice to leave

What’s the point in celebrating Independence Day?

When atheists are told to be wiped clean

Transgenders classified with the crazies

Gay and lesbians not being able to get married

And ex-Muslims forced to forever stay in closets

Why can’t everyone be happy?

Why can’t everyone openly love their life partners?

Why can’t the government stop telling people what to do,

Especially when it harms nobody?

I’ll wait for the time

When it’s enshrined in law that

Love is love

And religious books moved to the fiction section

And the government staying out of people’s personal business

Before I even start to think of celebrating independence

Rest In Peace

Dedicated to my grand uncle who just passed away


I barely knew you
And you barely knew me
Yet I mourn your death
Like everybody else
I will always remember
The moments
The small moments
That we spent together
I will always cherish
The sacrifices that you made
For my family
And the advice you give
During the small period we meet

It’s a total shame
That the world loses someone so great
And yet never arrogant
Someone so brave
And yet so humble
Someone so selfless
And yet never complains
Someone so caring
And yet never quits
Whenever you need him
He may be late
But he’ll always be there

I will always treasure
Your frequent visits
Sometimes you come in a red car
Sometimes blue
And sometimes black
But every year you always came
I will always remember
The moment I sat next to you
When I was still a small kid
I knew you were someone special
But maybe the world didn’t know it

Now that you’re gone
And the whole world is in shock
You’ll always live
In my hearts and mind
And whenever I feel lost in life
Or need something to live by
I will see the red, the blue, the black
And maybe the green
I know it’s you coming to help me
And then I would never worry
And wherever you are
I hope you’ll always be happy

Stupidity and Sensitivity

Words rushed through my head

With so many things to say

So many stupid things the people say

This stupidity is hard to believe

After all they are elected to the office

They made people believe

In their now mostly broken promises

Compromising with the other groups

Even though they won without any support

From the other people and other parties

They are too stupid

Too quick to appease

The oppressive, the racist, the far-rightist

To win and win and win

But they will lose

The racist will stay racist

The fascist will be fascist

Alienate the base and they will eliminate you

Turn on the base they will vote for you

Didn’t you learnt this in fucking school?

I hoped it was only promises that were broken

But you are also breaking human rights

People’s rights to be free

The rights you promised to give

I have so many things to say

To make my words a say

But I can’t because I don’t know what to say

To force open your small brains

The rights of the majority means oppressing the non guilty

The sensitivity of the majority means stupidity

The minorities deserve their rights

And that you should give

Screw you

Fuck your beliefs

People have the rights to live as they wish

They did no harm to you

Or your family

But still you’re treating them like criminals

You pathetic losers

Just wait till it’s time

I’ll kick your ass out of office

And place you under arrest

Abolish your sharia laws

Your rights to pray

Your rights to believe

Your rights to get married or remain married

Maybe then you will understand how the gays and lesbians feel

When you prevented them from existing

How the apostates and atheists feel when you force them to believe

When the minority becomes the majority

You will see what they see

I hope when you see

You will be more accepting

And respecting

And let them be as they were born to be

One day they will win

Cause love always wins

Human rights will prevail

And when it does

I’ll be proud to be on the right side of history

For even if I die fighting for people’s right

At least I die knowing I did the right thing

And if God threatens me will hell

I’ll tell him to lick my ass

The Weirdest of the Weirdest


It’s the weirdest of the weirdest

They claimed to be the most peaceful religion

Yet people die in chop chop square trying to leave the religion

They claimed it’s the most feminist religion

Yet the wife is expected to follow the husband’s wishes

It’s the weirdest of the weirdest

When they say it’s a feminist religion

But women are forced to cover their heads

Face and even most of their hands and legs

Where’s the equality?

When the female sibling inherit less than their brothers

The wife can’t leave their houses without the husband’s permission

To top it all

Divorce is allowed without any reason

It’s the weirdest of the weirdest

Even stranger than fiction

When they say it’s a peaceful religion

Yet they openly kill their gays

Hang, burn or behead their apostates

Kill their Christians and maybe also their Jews

Imprison their activists for ‘insulting’ their god

Educate their husbands on how to hit their wives

Demand the infidels to pay or die

Flying planes into buildings

And hang people on the crucifix

It’s the weirdest of the weirdest

When they say they treat everyone as equal

Men can have four wives

But women can’t do the same

They educate their sons

And marry of their daughters to perverts

Perhaps it’s cause they follow a pedophile

They say back then time were different

But they say their teachings are always relevant

Excuse me good sir

But isn’t that a contradiction?

With all these inequalities and violence

Perhaps you would wonder

Why people call it the religion of peace and equality

Maybe they didn’t read the book

Or perhaps some just choose to ignore it

But ignoring something doesn’t make it disappear

It doesn’t solve the problem

And till it is talked about and expose

Till then there will be planes flying into buildings

And people living in fear of execution for doing nothing

Perhaps one day I would agree with those labels they give this religion

But that time will never come

Unless peace truly means peace

And equal truly means equal

The Rainbow


The moon
The sun
The rainbow
They align on this single day
To tell everyone that it is okay
To love and not to hate
To be and not to be
The person they were born to be
The person they were told to be
To have the freedom to choose
To follow or to leave
The teachings they were taught as kids
The holy books they were told to revere
The demons they were told never to fear
The God they were told to fear
The Hell they were told to dread
The things they were told never to question
It is at this time that someone must tell them
It is okay to be gay
It is okay to apostate
It is okay to not pray for your daily bread
It is okay to not attend church
It is okay to not follow other followers
It is okay to live their own life and
It is okay to fight for human rights
Because even when you feel as if you lost the fight
You never know what’s in sight
The moment you use your whole might
Abandoning the things that prevent you to fight
For your rights
For your gay rights
For your women’s rights
For your worker’s  rights
For your human rights
Because in this world of mine
Where the sun and the moon align
Everything is normal
And everything is equal
Because everyone deserves a chance
To love and be loved
To get married and to be married
To the people they love
With pride and not prejudice